Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1410 Jul 21Dewsall (Deweschalle). William Kerry, rector of Edwin Ralph (Yeddefen Raffe). John Lewys.Exchange.
1663 Apr 27Dewsall with Callow.VJohn Clarke.Will. Powell, baronet.  
1683 Aug 14Dewsall with Callow. Benjamin Prosser, B.A.William Brabourne, D.D., Edw. Jones, Henry Serle, and Thom. Townsend, arms.James Williams.Cession.
1718 Jul 11Dewsall with Callow.VThomas Morgan, B.A.James, lord Carnarvon.Legitime vacant.Legitime vacant.
1738 Feb 7Dewsall.VThomas Watkins, LL.B.Catherine, marchioness dowager of Carnarvon.Last incumbent.Death.
1740 Aug 8Dewsall.VWilliam Willim, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital. Last incumbent.Death.
1767 Oct 31Dewsall.VDavid Renaud, B.A. Governors of Guy's Hospital.William Willim.Death.
1808 Feb 18Dewsall with chapel of Callow annexed.VDaniel Renaud.Governors of Guy's Hospital.David Renaud. Death.
1838 May 1Dewsall with Callow.VThomas Phillipps, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital.Francis Hungerford Brickenden.Death.
1876 Oct 27Dewsall with Callow.VAlfred Will. Horton, M.A.Himself.Thomas Phillipps.Resignation.
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