Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1314 Jul 11Doddington. John de Kilinescote, priest.Abbot and convent of Wenlock.  
1314 Feb 17Doddington. John de Kilinescote, priest.The bishop.  
1354 Jan 11Doddington. William Gernon.The king (Wenlock priory).  
1355 Jun 8Doddington.VJohn Gernoun, chaplain.The king (Wenlock priory).William Gernoun, chaplain.Exchange.
1849 Oct 15Doddington.CHenry Brown, B.A. Lucy Botfield, widow.   
1854 Feb 21Doddington.CHerbert Woodward, B.A.Lucy Botfield, of Hopton Court, widow.Henry Browne. Cession.
1898 Jun 15Doddington.CJames Payton, M.A. Robert Woodward, C.B.Herbert Woodward. Resignation.
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