Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1305 Jun 1Donnington. Thomas de Cruce de Woolhope, priest.Thomas le Rous.  
1316 Oct 12Donnington. William de Bedstone, priest.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1341 Jan 23Donnington chapel. Nicholas le Brut.John de St Paul and Humphrey de Charlton.  
1347 Feb 19Donnington chapel. John Waldyn, clerk.Humphrey de Cherleton and John de sancto Paulo. [1]  
1348 Apr 20Donnington. John Waldyn.The portionists of Ledbury, on the nomination of John le Bruit, of Donnington.  
1349 Jul 31Donnington. John Cok.The portionists of Ledbury, on nom. of Robert de Donynton. [2]  
1384 Feb 24Donnington. Robert Uptone, Worc. dioc.William Hellbron. Sir John.Resignation.
1385 Apr 20Donnington. John Syward, chaplain.William Ellewowe. Robert Uptone.Resignation.
1398 Mar 5Donnington. Richard Poule.Wm. Hellewogh.John Syward.Resignation.
1408 Jun 16Donnington. Roger Palmer, vicar of West Ilsley (Ildesley).Walter Richardes of Donnington.Richard Powle.Exchange.
1410 Sep 6Donnington. Thomas Kemele, vicar of Seagry (Segre).William Hellewow.Roger Palmer.Exchange.
1412 Oct 12Donnington. Peter Hert, warden of the chapel of S. Leonard, of Estaunden in the Isle of Wight (insula vecta).Walter Richard of Donnington.Thomas Kenvile.Exchange.
1414 Jan 26Donnington. Thomas Walcroft, chaplain.William Holowy.Peter Hert.Resignation.
1420 Apr 24Donnington. Jerome Orchard, chaplain.Walter Rickart.Thomas Walcroft. [6]Resignation.
1424 Sep 11Donnington. John Drayton, chapl.Hugh Cromhale.German Orchard.Resignation.
1430 Oct 9Donnington. John Sudbury. [1]Hugh Cromhale.  
1431 Jun 27Donnington. Laurence Judde,Walter Richardes.John Sudbury.Resignation.
1479 Aug 27Donnington. John Wheich, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.John Motelowe.Death.
1483 Nov 11Donnington. Richard, episcopus Olonensis. [5]Cristina Crunhale, hac vice.John Whithin.Death.
1538 Nov 14Donnington. John Baldewyn.Wm. Elton, alias Baker. [3]John Lombort.Death.
1572 Apr 27Donnington. Henry Cottrell.Thomas Cottrell and Katherine, his wife. [1]John Baldwyn.Death.
1616 Mar 4Donnington. William Lawrence. John and Richard Whittington, hac vice.  
1662 Oct 6Donnington. Thomas Beale.Samuel Warren, arm.  
1669 Sep 19Donnington. William Wood.Will. Skinner, gen. [2]Thomas Beale. Death.
1710 Apr 19Donnington. James Hathway.Richard Skipp, arm.William Wood. Death.
1765 Oct 24Donnington. Jenkin Jenkins.John Drew, of Ledbury, ironmonger.James Hathway.Death.
1817 Apr 29Donnington. Edward Freeman, M.A.Himself.Jenkin Jenkins.Death.
1831 Aug 7Donnington. William Biscoe, B.A. Edward Freeman, clerk.Edward Freeman.Resignation.
1843 Jul 24Donnington. Roger Bird.William Briscoe, clerk.William Briscoe. Cession.
1845 Nov 19Donnington. John Lander, M.A. Roger Bird, clerk.Roger Bird.Cession.
1890 Jul 16Donnington. Thomas Henry Whitehead.Richard Frederick Webb of 6 West Cromwell Road, Kensington, esq.John Lander. Resignation.
1894 Oct 4Donnington. Maxwell Frederick Webb.Richard Frederick Webb of 6 West Cromwell Road, Kensington,Thomas Henry Whitehead, esq.Resignation.
1897 Jun 16Donnington. Thomas Nicholas Dunscomb, M.A.Richard Frederick Webb, esq.Maxwell Frederick Webb.Cession.
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