Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1308 Nov 27Dormington. Nicholas de Bockland, priest.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.  
1336 Mar 5Dormington. Walter Hodenat.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.  
1342 May 15Dormington.VHugh de Westone, rector of Bokenill, Llandaff d. Walter Hochenak, vicar of Dormington.Exchange.
1349 Jul 19Dormington.VRoger de Syde.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.  
1406 Apr 30Dormington.VJohn Graunger, chaplain.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester. Resignation.
1406 Nov 6Dormington.VThomas Wyche, chaplain.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.John Graunger.Resignation.
1442 Sep 20Dormington.VRichard More, chapl.Abbot and conv. of S. Peter, Glouc.Thos. Wyche.Death.
1446 Jul 10Dormington.VThos. Hunt, chapl.Abbot and conv. of of S. Peter, Glouc.Richard Moore.Resignation.
1458 Jun 28Dormington.VRichard Castelle.Abbot and conv. of Gloucester.  
1469 Oct 22Dormington.VWilliam Taillour.Abbot and conv. of Gloucester.Richd. Casnelle.Death.
1487 Apr 1Dormington. John Underwode, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Gloucester.William Taylour.Resignation.
1488 Nov 15Dormington.VJohn Menlove, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Gloucester.John Underwode.Death.
1506 Jun 16Dormington.VJohn Tyler.Abbot and conv. of Gloucester.John Mynlove.Resignation.
1535 Feb 12Dormington.VRichard Baddam.Abbot and conv. of Gloucester.John Tyler.Death.
1543 Sep 17Dormington. John Lynton.John Price, gen., firmarius, of St. Guthlac's, Hereford.Richard Badham. Resignation.
1560 May 20Dormington.VJohn Badham.The queen, hac vice.   
1566 Mar 27Dormington with Bartestree.VJohn Baddam.Gregory Price, arm.   
1569 Nov 3Dormington. Gregory ffofyld.Gregory Pryce.  
1577 Mar 20Dormington.VBrian Blackwey.Gregory Price.   
1661 Dec 6Dormington.VAntony Jones.Thomas Prise, arm.   
1664 Mar 7Dormington.VJohn Lewis, alias Watkins.Thomas Price, arm.   
1667 Jan 16Dormington.VRobert Griffithes.Thomas Price, of Wistanstone, arm.John Lewis.Resignation.
1679 Jan 14Dormington.VFrancis Smith.Thomas Price, arm.Robert Griffiths.Cession.
1682 Feb 28Dormington.VThomas Hall.Thomas Prise, arm.Francis Smith.Cession.
1684 Sep 15Dormington.VRobert Cox, M.A.Thomas Price, arm.Thomas Hall.Deprivation.
1685 Oct 14Dormington.VThomas Avenant, B.A.Paul Foley, arm.Robert Cox.Resignation.
1691 Mar 30Dormington with chapel of Bartestree.VJohn Nash, M.A.Paul Foley, arm.Thomas Avenant. Resignation.
1703 Apr 10Dormington.VSilvanus Woodhill, M.A.Thomas Foley, arm.John Nash.Resignation.
1713 Jul 11Dormington with chapel of Bartestree.VHenry Smith, B.A.Thomas Foley, arm.Sylvanus Woodhill. Resignation.
1760 Apr 19Dormington.VThomas Wickins, M.A.Thomas Foley, esq.Henry Smith.Death.
1776 Jul 25Dormington.VJohn Landon, B.A.Thomas, lord Foley.Thomas Wickins.Cession.
1782 Oct 10Dormington with chapel of Bartestree.VThomas Jennings, B.A.Edward Foley, esq.John Landon.Death.
1824 Jun 14Dormington with chapel of Bartestree.VThomas Hesketh Biggs, M.A.Thomas Foley, esq.Thomas Jennings. Death.
1826 Jun 14Dormington.VThos. Huntingford, M.A.Edward Thomas Foley, esq.Thomas Hesketh Biggs.Cession.
1832 May 1Dormington.VHenry Card, D.D.Edward Thos. Foley, esq.Thomas Huntingford.Resignation.
1844 Oct 8Dormington with Bartestree.VLangton Edward Brown, B.A.Edward T. Foley, esq.Henry Card, D.D. Death.
1886 Jul 15Dormington with Bartestree.VAlfred Morris Cape, B.A.Lady Emily Foley, widow.Langton Edward Brown. Death.
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