Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1297 Jul 11Dorstone. John de Lacock, subd.Abbot and convent of Clifford.  
1321 Jun 25Dorstone. William de Gosyngton, sub-deacon.Abbot and convent of Clifford.  
1321 Nov 16Dorstone. John Rees, subdeacon.Abbot and convent of Clifford.  
1332 Feb 13Dorstone.VSimon de Arthrop.Abbot and convent of Clifford. [1]  
1340 Oct 27Dorstone.VThomas de Bredwordine.Abbot and convent of Clifford.  
1342 Jun 22Dorstone.VWm. de la Felde.   
1351 Apr 30Dorstone.VRoger Whippe, chaplain.The king (Clifford priory).  
1362 Oct 5Dorstone. Wm Yeonge.Abbot and convent of Clifford.Roger Whippe.Resignation.
1369 Dec 4Dorstone.VJohn Ely, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Clifford.  
1395 May 28Dorston.VRobert de Wolvesdale, rector of Humber.Prior and convent of Clifford.John Yrysche, vicar of Dorston, Hereford dioc.Exchange.
1401 Dec 19Dorstone. Hugh Baldewyn.Prior and convent of Clifford.  
1409 Mar 17Dorstone.VThomas Burgeys, chaplain.Prior and convent of Clifford.Hugh Baldwyne.Resignation.
1423 May 1Dorstone.VJohn Adderleghe, chapl.Prior and conv. of Clifford.Richard Jannoo.Resignation.
1453 May 12Dorstone.VWilliam Clerke.Prior and conv. of Clifford.John Ekley.Resignation.
1481 Feb 25Dorstone.VRobert Waugham.Prior and conv. of Clifford.Wm. Clerke.Death.
1486 Jan 10Dorstone.VThos. ap Gryffyth.Prior and conv. of Clifford.Robt. Watham.Death.
1664 Mar 12Dorstone. Thom. Prosser, B.A. Henry Williams, arm.  
1685 Jul 15Dorstone. Hugo Pugh, M.A.Thomas Matthews and Walter Hill. Thomas Prosser.Death.
1699 Nov 21Dorstone.VThomas Prosser, B.A.Thomas Hill, gen., and Thomas Matthews, arm.Hugh Pugh.Resignation.
1737 Dec 3Dorstone.VThos. Prosser, B.A. James Maddy, jun., and Richard Wellington, gent.Last incumbent.Death.
1751 Aug 7Dorstone.VThomas Prosser, B.A.Johanna Prosser, widow. Thomas Prosser.Death.
1761 Apr 1Dorstone.VSamuel Prosser, B.A. Thomas Prosser, a minor (with consent of Jas. Waddy, his guardian).Thomas Prosser. Death.
1765 Oct 29Dorstone.VThomas Prosser.Himself.Samuel Prosser.Resignation.
1780 Apr 11Dorstone.VTheophilus Prosser.Joshua Maddy and Samuel Prosser.Thomas Prosser.Death.
1794 Nov 17Dorstone.VThomas Prosser,The bishop, by lapse. Theoph. Prosser. Death.
1843 Aug 9Dorstone. Thomas Powell.Henry Coyle, esq. [4]Thomas Prosser.Death.
1887 Feb 17Dorstone. Thomas Prosser Powell, B.A.Percy Davies, esq.Thomas Powell.Death.
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