Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1334 Apr 14St. Lawrence de Dowles. John de Barnwell.Abbot and convent of Great Malvern.  
1366 Oct 15Dowles. Henry de Ripple. The bishop, by lapse.  
1380 Sep 26Dowles.VWilliam Walle, vicar of Hughley.Abbot and convent of Great Malvern.John Yonge, vicar of Dowles.Exchange.
1385 Sep 10Dowles. John Marsh, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Great Malvern.  
1390 Dec 2Dowles (Dulas).VEdward Dabeneye, vicar of Thorneton, Lincoln dioc.Prior and convent of Malvern.John Bulker, rector of Dowles.Exchange.
1435 Aug 19Dowles. Walter Warewyke, chapl.Prior and conv. of Great Malvern.Philip Hardesley.Death.
1523 Mar 18Dowles. William Talbott.Humph. Woddall. [1] Thomas Dyer.Death.
1533 Mar 23Dowles. John Gardinar.Prior and conv. of Great Malvern.William Talbot.Resignation.
1543 Sep 22Dowles. Thomas Oselande.Thomas Grey, of Whittington, Co. Stafford.Thomas Blake. Death.
1560 Jun 15Dowles. Henry Elston.The bishop, hac vice, by lapse.  
1561 Jun 1Dowles. Richard Smythe.The bishop, hac vice.  
1571 Mar 12Dowles. Thomas Warter.George Blount, mil., and Humphrey Hill, gen.   
1661 Jul 10Dowles. William Dalby.Francis. lord Newport, baron of High Ercall.  
1669 Dec 16Dowles. Walter Abbott.Francis, Lord Newport, baron,of Ercall magna.William Dalby. Death.
1683 Sep 23Dowles. John Smeeths.Henry Herbert, arm. Walter Abbott.Death.
1694 Jun 2Dowles. Nathaniel Williams, B.A.Henry. lord Herbert of Chirbury.John Smith.Death.
1702 Jan 21Dowles. William Price. [3]   
1707 Aug 4Dowles. Henry Baldwyn, M.A.Hen. Herbert, baron of Chirbury.William Price.Cession.
1710 Dec 14Dowles. Martin Crane.Henry Herbert, baron of Chirbury.Henry Baldwyn.Resignation.
1727 Nov 14Dowles. Butler Cupper, B.A. Henry, lord Herbert of Chirbury.Martin Crane.Death.
1779 Nov 3Dowles. William Jessie, B.A. Henry Morley Herbert, of Droxford, Co. Hants, esq.Butler Cowper. Death.
1814 Jun 15Dowles. Francis Winnington, M.A.William Burton, esq., and Mary, his wife. [1]William Jesse.Death.
1818 Jul 13Dowles. Joseph Fletcher, M.A.William Burton, of Kenilworth, Co. Warwick, amd Mary, his wife. [1]Francis Winnington. Resignation.
1871 Aug 16Dowles. Edward Valentine William Davis.Jas. Arthur Taylor, of Strensham Court, Co. Worc., esq.Joseph Fletcher. Death.
1876 Jul 31Dowles. John Richd. Buxton, B.A.Edward Pease, of Darlington, esq.Edward Valentine Will. Davis. Cession.
1886 Apr 28Dowles. Henry Wilson.The bishop, by lapse.John Richard Burton. Resignation.
1891 Nov 20Dowles. Joseph Tonks.Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease, bart., M.P..and Arthur Pease, esq. [2]Henry Wilson.Cession.
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