Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1304 May 27Dymock. John Fillot, deacon.Abbot and convent of Cormeilles.  
1324 Apr 2Dymock. William Lestor, priest.Abbot and convent of Cormeilles.  
1367 Mar 1Dymock.VSimon Gardiner.Brother John, prior of Newent, presents to Dymock as proctor of the abbot and convent of S. Mary's, Cormeilles.William Wolcombe.Exchange.
1398 Sep 30Dymock.VRichard Tancard.The Crown.  
1407 Jun 16Dymock.VJohn Ectone, rector of S. Michael's, Northampton.The king.Richard Tankard.Exchange.
1415 Sep 27Dymock.VJohn Wylcher, vicar of Longdon.John Bokeland, the master and the fellows of the college of Fothenngay (Fodrynghey).John Ecton.Exchange.
1418 Jun 2Dymock.VSymon Wyllus.Master and Fellows of college of Fotheringay.Robert Craunford. [4]Resignation.
1418 Mar 26Dymock.VRobert Craunford, rector of Abbot's Morton.John Bokland, Master, and the Fellows of the College of Fotheringay.John Wylchar, vicar of Dymock.Exchange.
1431 Mar 26Dymock.VWilliam Tomkins, rector of Knill. Simon Willas, vicar of Dymock.Exchange.
1433 Apr 28Dymock.VSymon Welles, vicar of Brockworth, in the diocese of Worcester. William Thomkyns, vicar of Dymock.Exchange.
1457 Sep 23Dymock.VJohn Brere, chapl.Dean and fellows of S. Mary's college.Lewis Pleyule.Death.
1462 Feb 10Dymock. Roger Sayere, chapl.Master and fellows of coll. of Fotheringay.John Brere.Resignation.
1482 Jun 24Dymock.VThomas Haukyns.Master and fellows of the college of Fotheringhay.William Holme, in dec. bac.Resignation.
1539 Jun 17Dymock.VThomas Whytyng, in art. bac.John Sylvester, in leg. bac., rector of Weadon, Linc. [1]Thos. Hankyns. Death.
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