Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Feb 13Eardisland.VRichard de Wye.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1335 Jan 14Eardisland (Ereslone). Roger Dene.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1336 Jan 8Eardisland.VRobert de Dene.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1349 Jul 29Eardisland (Ereslone). Richard de Gerneston.The king (Lyre abbey).  
1402 Apr 13Eardesland (Erselone). John Snade, chapl.Prior of S. Guthlac.  
1476 Aug 25Eardisland (Eryslane).VThomas Ellyottys.Priory and conv. of Shene.  
1524 Feb 15Eardisland.VMiles Geffeys.Prior and conv. of Sheen.Thomas ap Richard alias John.Death.
1561 Feb 7Eardisland. Thomas Lewes.Edward Langford.  
1663 May 6Eardisland.VThomas Hollingsworth.John Booth, arm., and Lucy, his wife.  
1669 Sep 20Eardisland.VWilliam Bedford.John Booth, arm.Thomas Hollingesworth. Death.
1726 Jul 8Eardisland.VThomas Jones.Hon. Robert Price, a baron of the exchequer, and John Dutton Colt, arm., jure nostro episcopali. William Bedford. Death.
1772 May 8Eardisland.VTheophilus Lane, M.A.James Kinnersley, of the Linch, esq.Thomas Jones.Death.
1816 Jul 5Eardisland.VFrederic Rudge.The bishop.Theophilus Lane.Death.
1867 Mar 25Eardisland.VJoseph Barker, M.A. Bishop of Worcester. Fredk. Rudge. Death.
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