Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1316 Sep 29Eastham. Ralph le Porter.Richard le Porter.  
1349 Jun 8Eastham. William Doverdale.Thos. Doverdale.  
1357 May 25Eastham. Nicholas de Hopton, Joanna de Carru.Wm. de Doverdale.Exchange.
1361 Nov 9Eastham. Wm. de Ia More, chaplain.John de la More of Overkingesmede, and John Eyman, chaplain, lords of Eastham.  
1381 Jun 13Eastham.RRobert Say, rector of King's Nympton.Sir William Wasteneye, knt.Robert Sencard, rector of Eastham.Exchange.
1395 Oct 28Eastham. Richard Fernyhalg, vicar of Saltford, Worcester dioc.Dame Alice Wysteneys.Richard Griffon, rector of Eastham.Exchange.
1404 Jan 24Eastham. Robert Palmer.Sir John Cornwayle, knt., Wm. Lychfeld, and John Leye, chaplain.  
1420 Sep 10Eastham. William Hulle, chaplain.Sir William Lychfeld, knt.Robert Palmere.Resignation.
1462 May 29Eastham. Richard Sadeler.The bishop, by lapse.Wm. Hill.Death.
1475 Feb 11Eastham. Thomas Harryson. [1]Sir Walter Devereux, knt., lord of Ferrers.Richd. Sadeler.Resignation. [6]
1476 Dec 22Eastham. Roger Whitehouse, vicar of Lindridge.Walter Devereux, lord Ferrars.Thomas Harryson, rector of Eastham.Exchange.
1478 Nov 4Eastham. William Townley, rector of Hanwell, with the chapelry of Braynford.Sir Walter Devereux, knt., lord of Ferrer.Roger Whithouse, rector of Eastham.Exchange.
1486 Mar 3Eastham. John Robynson. [8]Sir Edmund Cornewall, knt.William Towneley.Resignation. [9]
1487 Jan 25Eastham. Richard Whytehouse, vicar of Lindridge. Thomas Harryson, rector of Eastham.Exchange.
1527 Apr 16Eastham. Thos. Parker, decr. doct. [4]Sir Thos. Cornewall, knt.John Robynson.Death.
1538 Oct 21Eastham. Edw. Leyghtone, S. Theologie bac. Ralph Leighton, gen. [2]Thos. Parker.Death.
1545 Feb 29Eastham. Thomas Gladwyn.Richard Cornewall, lord of Burford.Ed. Leighton.Resignation.
1556 Sep 15Eastham. Edward Welshe.Richard Cornwall, baron of Burford.   
1557 Jul 27Eastham, Hanley, and Orleton. Edward Welshe.Richard Cornwall, baron of Burford.   
1573 Apr 26Eastham. Charles Langford.Ed. Cornwall, arm.  
1667 Sep 19Eastham. Thomas Clent.Gilbert Cornwall, miles et baronettus de Burford.George Benson. Death.
1691 Feb 10Eastham (with chapels of Hanley William, Hanley Child, and Orleton). Edward Urwick, B.A.Thomas Cornwall, arm., and baron of Burford. Thomas Clent.Death.
1702 Aug 4Eastham. Ambrose Sparry, M.A.Thomas Cornwall, arm.?Cession.
1711 Jan 20Eastham cum capellis eidem annexis. Richard Legh, B.A. Gerald Thurston, M.D.Ambrose Sparry. Death.
1740 Sep 14Eastham. William Whitcomb, M.A.Robert Poole, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1758 Jul 26Eastham, with Hanley William, Hanley Child, and Orleton. Will. Whitcombe, B.A.Joseph Bach, of Leominster, clothier.William Whitcombe. Death.
1776 Jan 4Eastham. William Whitcombe, B.A.Edwd. Bearcroft, of Droitwich, esq.William Whitcombe.Death.
1780 Dec 26Eastham and Hanley William. Davies Child B.A.Edward Bearcroft, of Droitwich, esq.Sandford William Whitcombs.Death.
1790 Feb 23Eastham and Hanley William with chapelries annexed. Christophar Whitehead, M.A.Samuel Holland, gent.Francis Barnes. Resignation.
1805 Nov 15Eastham and Hanley William with chapelries annexed. Christopher Whitehead, M.A.Himself.Last incumbent.Cession.
1821 Jun 9Eastham, with chapels annexed. Edward Whitehead, B.D.Himself.Christ. Whitehead. Death.
1827 Oct 26Eastham, Hanley William, Hanley Childe and Orlton. Thos. Elton Miller.Maria Whitehead, widow.Edward Whitehead. Death.
1830 Nov 25Eastham, with chapels annexed. Chas. Turner, M.A. Ann Turner.Thomas Elton Miller. Resignation.
1854 Jan 6Eastham with Orleton, Hanley William, and Hanley Child. Henry Browne, B.A. George Browne, esq.Charles Turner Farley. Resignation.
1898 May 18Eastham. Ernest Edward Lea, M.A.Sir Nowell Salmon, V.C., G.C.B., admiral.Henry Browne.Death.
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