Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1283 Oct 10Eastnor. Henry de Shoreham, clerk. The bishop.John de Kempsey.Resignation.
1303 Jun 20Eastnor. Thomas de Churcham, acol. The bishop.  
1304 Jul 22Eastnor. William de Wick, acol.The bishop.  
1308 Apr 8Eastnor. John Huband.The bishop.  
1322 Sep 30Eastnor. Thomas de Bolleye, priest. [4]The bishop.  
1333 Jan 25Eastnor. Adam de Barton, clerk.The bishop.  
1333 Jan 25Eastnor.RJohn de Bartone, rector of St. Peter, Ashby, Lincoln d.Rector.Adam de Bartone, rector of Eastnor.Exchange.
1334 May 15Eastnor. Edward de Sheynton, clerk.The bishop.  
1347 Feb 2Eastnor. William de Marcle, rector of Farleigh by Basingstoke. Thomas de Bokenhull.Exchange.
1348 Jul 1Eastnor. Philip Ilger,a canon.The bishop.Wm. de Marcle.Death.
1348 Jul 9Eastnor. John de Middleton.The bishop.Philip Ilger.Exchange.
1350 Aug 9Eastnor. Wm. de Wythynton. [2]The bishop.Stephen de Estenore.Death.
1369 Oct 31Eastnor. Thomas Grauntpee, clerk.The king.  
1392 May 28Eastnor. John Hammond.The bishop.  
1395 Aug 28Eastnor. Benedict Corner.The bishop.  
1395 Nov 20Eastnor. John Kylfoddys, rector of Stoke Lacy, Hereford dioc. Benedict Corner, rector of Eastnor.Exchange.
1400 Jul 1Eastnor. William Oldeford, rector of Sollers Hope, Hereford dioc.The bishop.John Robert, rector of Eastnor.Exchange.
1417 Oct 26Eastnor. Nicholas Morys.The bishop.William OldefordResignation.
1429 Jul 12Eastnor. Richard, bishop of Achonry.The bishop.Nich. Morys.Resignation.
1456 Aug 13Eastnor. James Vaghan.The bishop.James Verne.Resignation.
1460 Jul 28Eastnor. Gervase Temseter, rector of Hanwell.The bishop.John Vaghan, rector of Eastnor.Exchange.
1511 Jul 25Eastnor. Rich. Smithe, dec. doc.The bishop.Death.Death.
1516 Jul 24Eastnor. Wm. Bolton, prior of S Barth, priory, West Smithfield. [2]The king, during the vacancy of the see.Richd. Smythe.Resignation.
1518 Feb 10Eastnor. Thomas Hornesey. The bishop.William Bolton.Resignation.
1524 Feb 17Eastnor. Christopher Walwen, in leg. bac.The bishop.Thomas Hornesey. [4]Resignation.
1574 Apr 12Eastnor. William Clynton.The bishop.  
1624 Oct 1Eastnor. Richard Todd, M.A.The bishop.  
1682 Feb 27Eastnor. William Stone, B.A. The bishop.Richard Coke. Death.
1702 Sep 8Eastnor. John Traharne, B.A. The bishop.William Stone.Death.
1753 Jun 29Eastnor. William Dickin, B.A.The bishop.John Treherne. Death.
1766 Jul 25Eastnor. William Skinner, M.A.The bishop.William Dickin.Death.
1795 Jul 27Eastnor. Joseph Higgins, B.A.Charles, lord Somers. William Skinner.Death.
1847 Nov 1Eastnor. William Pulling, M.A.John, earl Somers.Joseph Higgins.Death.
1894 Apr 27Eastnor. James Dennis Hird, M.A.Lady Henry Somerset.William Pulling.Death.
1897 Mar 26Eastnor. Henry Skipsey Sanders, M.A.Lady Henry Somerset. James Dennis Hird.Resignation.
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