Eaton Bishop

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1301 May 3Eaton Bishop. James de Henley, priest.The bishop.  
1308 Apr 6Eaton Bishop. William de Wych, subd.The bishop.  
1321 Jan 17Eaton Bishop. John de Orleton, deacon.The bishop.  
1321 Jan 24Eaton Bishop. Richard de Estenor, sub-deacon. [6]The bishop.John de Orleton.Resignation.
1322 Sep 20Eaton Bishop. Richard de Weobley, priest. [3]The bishop.  
1341 Jul 16Etone on Wye.RRobert le Hunte, rector of Quatt, Cov. and Lich. d. John Huband, rector of Etone on Wye.Exchange.
1348 May 7Eaton Bishop. Henry de Brusebon.The bishop. [4]  
1404 Mar 11Eton on Wye. John Hutton, the bishop's clerk.The bishop.  
1408 Jun 12Eton on Wye. John Burweye, chaplain of Cov. and Lich. dioc.The bishop.  
1410 Nov 7Eaton Bishop (Etone super Wayam). William Whithed, clerk.The bishop.  
1414 Jul 15Eaton Bishop (Etone super Wyam). James Dyvour, chaplain.The bishop.William Whithed.Resignation.
1418 Sep 3Eton on Wye. Philip Lucas, chap. The bishop,John Vynour.Resignation.
1465 Sep 11Eton by Sugwas. Richard Dean.The bishop.Hugh Ragoune.Resignation.
1484 Feb 9Eton Bishop. Reginald Calle.Dean of Hereford.  
1485 Nov 11Eton by Sugwas. Edwd. Carwardyn.The bishop.Reginald Calle.Deprivation.
1521 Mar 12Eaton on Wye, by Sugwas. Humphrey Ogle.The bishop.Edward Karwardyne.Death.
1524 Nov 17Eaton Bishop. Roger Brayne, in decr. bac.The bishop.William Portare.Death.
1526 Sep 17Eaton Bishop. Hugh Pole.The bishop.Roger Brayne.Resignation.
1527 Feb 22Eaton Bishop. Robert Johns, in leg. bac.The bishop.Hugh Pole.Resignation.
1557 Apr 6Eton Bishop. Gilbert Coren.Thomas and Richd. Coren, pro hac vice.   
1560 Jul 13Eaton Bishop. John Ellys. [1]The bishop.  
1576 Aug 2Eaton Bishop. William Griffith.The bishop.  
1577 Oct 30Eaton Bishop. William Harries.The bishop.  
1579 May 22Eaton Bishop. John Symons.The bishop.  
1682 Dec 14Eaton Bishop. Robert Taylor, B.A. The bishop.George Clerke.Resignation.
1720 Feb 20Eaton Bishop. Paul Williams, M.A. The bishop.Robert Taylor. Death.
1735 May 7Eaton Bishop. Thomas Willim, M.A.The bishop.Last rector.Death.
1750 Sep 21Eaton Bishop. Thomas Russell, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Willim.Death.
1757 Jun 6Eaton Bishop. John Parry, B.A.The bishop.Thomas Russell. Death.
1767 Sep 5Eaton Bishop. John Parry, B.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Cession.
1776 Jul 1Eaton Bishop. John Lindeman, M.A.The bishop.John Parry.Cession.
1777 Aug 9Eaton Bishop. John Lindeman, M.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Cession.
1778 Feb 3Eaton Bishop. John Lindeman, M.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Cession.
1799 Feb 28Eaton Bishop. Morgan Cove. LL.B. The bishop.John Lindeman.Resignation.
1830 Apr 28Eaton Bishop. Henry Stonhouse.The bishop.Morgan Cove.Death.
1838 Oct 13Eaton Bishop. John Croft, B.A.The bishop.Henry Stonhouse Vigar. Death.
1841 Jan 25Eaton Bishop. William Peete Musgrave, M.A.The bishop.   
1854 Apr 19Eaton Bishop. Edw. Renn Hampden, M.A.The bishop.William Peete Musgrave.Cession.
1854 Aug 24Eaton Bishop. William Hayward Cox, B.D.The bishop.Edward Renn Hampden.Cession.
1871 Jul 12Eaton Bishop. Samuel Clark, M.A. The bishop.William Hayward Cox.Death.
1875 Aug 27Eaton Bishop. William Robert Lawrence, M.A.The bishop.Samuel Clarke.Death.
1882 Mar 18Eaton Bishop. Charles Burrough, M.A.The bishop.William Robt. Lawrence.Cession.
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