Eaton in Salop

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1786 Sep 25Eaton-by-Salop. John Stanier, M.A.Thomas Gwynn, of Ludlow, clerk.William Oakeley.Resignation.
1790 Oct 25Eaton by Salop.VThos. Gwynn, jun., M.A.Thomas Gwynn, of Ludlow, clerk.John Stanier. Resignation.
1831 Apr 12Eaton (Salop).VRichard Sandford, B.A.Himself.Thomas Alban.Resignation.
1840 Jun 4Eaton (Salop).CAaron Thomas, M.A.Governors of Lucton School.Josiah James.Resignation.
1860 Apr 13Eaton (Salop).VHolland Sandford, M.A.Humphrey Sandford, of the Isle, esq.Richard Sandford. Death.
1899 Jul 11Eaton (Salop). Will. Henry Bather, M.A.Thomas Henry, lord Berwick.Henry Francis Bather.Resignation.
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