Edvin Loach

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1312 Jun 22Edvin. Hugh le Young.(not mentioned).  
1324 Feb 16Edvin Loach. Richard le Profete de Clifford, acolyte.Richard Talbot,knight.  
1325 Mar 29Edvin Loach. Thomas de Blount, acolyte. Richard Talbot.   
1328 Apr 22Over Edvin (Zeddefen). Henry de Burgham. Richard Talbot.  
1329 Jun 4Edvin. John la Brugge de Weston.Sir Thomas de Zeddefen and the portionists of Bromyard.  
1329 Nov 3Edvin Loach (Zeddefen Loges). Simon de Lutwell.Johanna Talbot.  
1349 Jun 7High Edwyn (Yddefen haut). Andrew Shirreve.Sir John Talbot.Simon de Lokewall.Death.
1350 May 13Edwyn (Yddefen). John Schereff,Sir John Talebot. Sir Andrew.Resignation.
1361 Nov 6Edwyn. John Ector.Ralph de Yeddefen.  
1388 Feb 14Edwyn Loach (Yeddefen loge). John Brome, parson of Moreton-on-Lugg.The king, as guardian of the lands and heir of John Talbot, chevaler.John Shireve, rector of Edwyn.Exchange.
1397 Apr 20Edvin. Hugh Frenssh, chapl.John Croftie.Hugh Frenssh.Vacated.
1399 Aug 30Edvin Loach. John Crete, chapl. of Lodington, Worcester dioc.Matthew Gurney.John Brome, rector of Edvin Loach.Exchange.
1418 Aug 13Edvyn (Yedevyn). John Sharlestre, vicar of Woolhope (Hope Wolnyth).William Croft, armiger.John Lewys, rector of Edvyn (Yedevyn).Exchange.
1420 Feb 27Edvin Loach (Yddefenloges). Richard Fitz Johan, vicar of Great Eversden.Eleanor Lucy.John Grete, rector of Edvin Loach (Yddefenloges).Exchange.
1457 Aug 15Edvin (Yeddefen). John Grene, chapl.Richard Croft, armiger.  
1458 Apr 15Edvyn (Yedven). Roger Grene, chapl.Richard Crofte, armiger.John Grene.Resignation.
1462 Jun 27Upper Edvyn. Thos. Horewodde.The bishop, by lapse.  
1476 Nov 6Upper Edvyn (Yedfen). Richard Boyys.The bishop, by lapse.  
1509 May 27Edvyn. Thomas de Eya.Sir Richd. Croft, knt., and Eleanor, his wife.John Gervis.Death.
1623 Jul 11Edvin Loach. Robert Reighnoldes. Thomas Coningsbie, miles.  
1625 Aug 29Edvin Loach. Richard Jay.Thos.Coningsby, mil.  
1667 Jan 16Edvin Loach. John Grove.The bishop, by lapse. Richard Jay.Death.
1694 May 18Edvin Loach and Tedstone Wafer. Henry Weaver, B.A, Richd. Weaver, gen.John Grove. Death.
1715 Dec 9Edvin Loach and Tedstone Wafer. Henry Morgan, B.A. Thomas, lord Coningsby.Francis Weaver. Death.
1717 Oct 22Edvin Loach and Tedstone Wafer. John Chamberlain. Thomas, lord Coningsby.Henry Morgan. Death.
1756 Mar 15Edvin Loach and Tedstone Wafer. John Holland, M.A. Margaret, countess of Coningsby.John Chamberlain. Death.
1779 Aug 28Edwin Loach and Tedstone Wafers. William Davies, B.A.Frances, lady Coningsby.John Holland. Death.
1780 May 20Edvin Loach and Tedstone Wafer. John Glasse.Frances, lady Coningsby.William Davies. Death.
1811 Jun 13Edvin Loach and Tedstone Wafer. Thomas Barneby, B.D.William Higginson, of Saltmarshe, esq.John Glasse. Cession.
1842 Nov 10Edvin Loach and Tedstone Wafer. James Grasett, M.A. Edmund Higginson, esq.Thomas Barneby. Death.
1869 Jul 2Edvin Loach and Tedstone Wafer. Gibbes Jordan, B.A. Edmund Higginsson, esq.James Grasett. Death.
1873 Jul 12Edvin Loach and Tedstone Wafer. David Nicholl, B.A.William Barneby, esq.Gibbes Jordan. Cession.
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