Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1320 Oct 19Eigne.PJohn de Oxyndon, clerk. The bishop.  
1368 Oct 29Eigne (Yeyne).PMaster William Byrmyncham. Master Roger de Suttone.Exchange.
1401 Mar 23Eigne.PGilbert Stone.The bishop.  
1414 Oct 12Eigne (Yeyne).PJohn Clere of Codford, rector of the free chapel of Imber.The Bishop.Gilbert Stone.Exchange.
1418 Feb 1Eigne (Yene).PEdmund le Boorde, clerk.The bishop.John Clere of Codford. [6]Resignation.
1419 Dec 19Eigne (Yne).PHugh Buytone, clerk.The bishop.Edmund le Boord.Death.
1432 Oct 23Eigne.PWilliam Midelham, seneschal.The bishop.John Mapiltone.Death.
1446 Jun 5Yeigne.PRalph Durward.The bishop.John Paslewe.Resignation.
1481 Jan 13Eigne (Yene).PWilliam Skyby, in artibus mag.The bishop.Oliver Kyng.Resignation.
1488 Jun 12Eigne.PRalph Hauyes, in dec. bac.The bishop.Wm. Skybi.Death.
1512 Oct 26Eigne.PMaster William Dalabere.The bishop.Nich. Walwen.Cession.
1521 Mar 1Eigne (Yegne).PHumphrey Ogle, in decr. bac.The bishop.Master William Delabore.Death.
1523 Jan 30Eigne (Yegne).PRoger Benlloyde,The bishop.Humphrey Ogle. Vacated.
1533 Feb 1Eigne (Yegne).PWilliam Chell, in mus. bac.The bishop.Roger Benloyde. Death.
1545 Nov 12Eigne.PJohn Strymyn, Bac. Theol.The bishop.Wil. Chell.Transferred to Ewithington
1547 Aug 20Eigne.PWill. Barber, M.A.The bishop.Jn. Styrmyn.Transfered to preb. of Bartonsham.
1555 Jun 7Eigne.PRoger Stretye.The bishop.William Barber.Resignation.
1568 Apr 23Eigne.PWilliam Penson.The bishop.  
1667 Feb 5Eigne.PTheophilus Cooke, M.A.The bishop.Stephen Phillips.Death.
1680 Jun 26Eigne.PJohn Clarke, M.A.The bishop.Theophilus Cook.Resignation.
1713 Feb 9Eign.PRichard Witherston, M.A.The bishop.John Clerke. Death.
1739 Mar 16Eign.PLewis Owen, B.D.The bishop.Richard Witherston.Death.
1743 Oct 21Eign.PJohn Jones, M.A.The bishop.Lewis Owen.Resignation.
1768 Sep 24Eign.PCharles Morgan, M.A.The bishop.John Jones.Death.
1771 Jun 19Eign.PWilliam Allen, D.D. The bishop. Charles Morgan.Resignation.
1776 Jun 14Eign.PJohn Stone, LL.D.The bishop.William Allen. Resignation.
1778 May 9Eign.PRobt. Price, B.C.L. The bishop.John Stone.Resignation.
1801 Sep 17Eigne.PHen. George Dobyns Yate, LL.D.The bishop.Robert Price, LL.D. Resignation.
1812 Nov 2Eign.PJohn Lilley, M.A.The bishop.Henry George Dobyns Yate.Death.
1825 Nov 17Eign.PFrederick Benjamin Twisleton, LL.B.The bishop.John Lilly.Death.
1887 Jul 16Eigne.PHenry W Whitehead Moss, M.A.The bishop.Lord Saye and Sele.Death.
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