Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1796 Aug 29Elton.CWhittington Landon, D.D.Elizabeth Johnes, of Stratford Place, Co. Middlesex, widow.Richard Smith.Death.
1840 Dec 2Elton.CWilliam Williams.The Lord Chancellor. Last incumbent.Death.
1844 Mar 14Elton.CChas. Kent, B.C.L.Henry Corvdell, of Cold Weston, clerk.William Williams.Cession.
1886 Jul 21Elton.VGeorge Hollis Clay, M.A.Chas. Will. Neville Custance, clerk.Charles Kent.Death.
1887 Nov 29Elton.VRichd. Wood, M.A. Chas. Will. Neville Custance, clerk.George Hollis Clay.Death.
1893 Mar 14Elton.VAlfred Bannister, M.A.Chas. Will. Neville Custance, clerk.Richard Wood.Resignation.
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