English Bicknor

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1288 Jun 6English Bicknor. Nicholas de Knovile, canon.The bishop.  
1340 Aug 5English Bicknor. Walter de Ocle, clerk.John de Bares.   
1348 Oct 1English Bicknor. Thomas Mayel.Sir John de Bures.Walter de Ottlee.Death.
1349 Mar 6English Bicknor. John Osebern.Sir John de Bures. Thos. Mayel.Death.
1362 Mar 6English Bicknor. John de Curtlingtone, clerk.Sir John de Ferrariis, lord of Bicknor.John Osborn. Resignation.
1379 Mar 24English Bicknor.RWilliam de Bloxham, rector of All Saints, Irthlingborough.The king, as guardian of the heir of Robert Ferers, son and heir of Sir John FerersWilliam Dole, rector of English Bicknor.Exchange.
1385 Mar 24English Bicknor.RJohn de Ailesbury, rector of Farnham.Sir Robert Ferers, of Chartley.William de Bloxham, rector of English Bicknor.Exchange.
1386 Aug 2English Bicknor.RJohn Depul, rector of Chiltington.Sir Robert Ferrers, knt.John Ailesbury, rector of English Bicknor.Exchange.
1391 Jul 13English Bicknor. Thomas Gyldesfeld, rector of Estwell, Canterbury dioc.Sir Robt. de Fevers.John Deyphull, rector of English Bicknor.Exchange.
1391 Jul 17English Bicknor. Thos. Guldesfeld.Sir Robt. de Fevers.  
1394 Sep 9English Bicknor. Samuel de Wykes, cursal prebendary in S. David's.Robert de Feryres.Thomas Guldesfeld, rector of English Bicknor.Exchange.
1395 Oct 21English Bicknor. Thomas Guldesfeld, rector of Llaneven in Kedewyn, S. Asaph dioc.Sir Robt. de Ferers.Samuel Wyke, rector of English Bicknor.Exchange.
1403 Mar 12English Bicknor. Peter Whitemon, chapl. of S. James de Lyseley, Hereford dioc. Thomas Guldeford, rector of English Bicknor.Exchange.
1413 Feb 6English Bicknor. John May, clerk.Margaret, domina de Ferrariis.Peter Whitten.Resignation.
1458 Feb 18English Bicknor. John Vychan, in decretis bac.Feoffees of Elizabeth, lady Ferrars. [1]Sir John.Death.
1465 Mar 15English Bicknor. John ap Howelle.Feoffees to the use of lady de Ferrer's. [7]Master John Vaghan.Resignation.
1472 Feb 1English Bicknor. John Skynnere.Sir Walter Devereux, knt., lord Ferrers.John ap Howell.Resignation.
1506 Jul 8English Bicknor. Thomas Worthe.The king. [3]  
1533 Mar 10English Bicknor. William Edwards in decr. bac.Hadrian Fortescu and Anna, his wife, relict of Sir Giles Grevyll. [3]Thomas Worthe. Death.
1538 Mar 5English Bicknor. Walter Mey.Walter Devereux, K.G., Lord Ferrers.Wm. Edwards.Death.
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