Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1322 Jun 13Evesbatch. Thomas de Fretewelle, clerk. Simon de Kyngeshemed.  
1336 Nov 17Evesbatch. Robert de Stanford, chapl.Michael de la Watere de Esebach.  
1349 Jun 29Evesbatch. Walter de Calewhull.Roger de Esebatch, lord of Evesbatch.Master Robert.Death.
1349 Oct 7Evesbatch. Walter de la Hethe.Roger de Esebache.  
1350 Aug 21Evesbatch. John de Desford.Roger de Esebatch.  
1407 Nov 21Evesbatch (Esebache). Reginald Gulfeld, chaplain.Rober Esebache, clerk.  
1408 Aug 16Evesbatch (Esebache). John Revell, chaplain.John Esbach, lord of Evesbach.Reginald Gulfeld.Resignation.
1408 Dec 12Evesbatch. Edward Honte, vicar of Badminton.Robert Esebache.John Revell,Exchange.
1410 Apr 22Evesbatch. Ralph Spurnere, vicar of Hankerton (Hankyntone).Robert Esebache.Edward Honte.Exchange.
1412 Mar 1Evesbatch. John ap Rees, vicar of Avenbury.Robert Esebache.Ralph Spurner.Exchange.
1414 Sep 30S. Andrew's, Evesbach. John Hadresham, chaplain.Robert Esebach.John ap Rees.Resignation.
1423 Jul 23Evesbatch. Wm. Chapmanne.The bishop, by lapse.Thos. Beckoby.Death.
1425 Jul 21Evesbatch. Thomas Carpenter, chapl.Wm. Warde, chapl.  
1429 Sep 22Evesbatch. Henry Webton.The bishop, by lapse.  
1471 Mar 9Evesbache (Esbache). John Bartone. [1]The bishop, by lapse.Symon Fawere.Resignation.
1490 Jul 22Evesbatch (Esbache). Thos. Alford, chapl.John Pembrugge.Richard Silvester.Resignation.
1505 Sep 16Evesbatch. Richard ap John, alias Walschemon.Rowland Morton and Elizabeth, his wife.Thos. Aldeford.Death.
1520 May 23Evesbatch. Anthony Morton. The bishop, by lapse.Certo modo. Certo modo.
1539 Sep 17Evesbatch. Robert Farnehyll, by his proctor, John Yayden, cap.Rowland Moreton, armiger.John Dalaman. Death.
1562 Mar 13Evesbatch. Roger Bull.Antony Morton, arm.  
1569 Mar 24Evesbatch. Richard Brooke.Antony Morton.  
1577 Aug 29Evesbatch. Richard Pope.Anthony Moorton, arm.   
1577 Nov 28Evesbatch. Francis Cowell.Antony Moreton, arm.  
1669 Mar 17Evesbatch. Thomas Philpott.Robt. Dobbins, gen.Isaac Ayleway. Death.
1686 Mar 17Evesbatch. Robert Hathway, M.A.Robert Dobbins, arm.Thomas Philpotts.Death.
1714 Apr 16Evesbatch. William Hallings, B.A.Catherine Dobyns, widow. Robert Hathway. Death.
1744 May 30Evesbatch. Benj. Bevan, B.A.Robert Unett, gent., and Catherine, his wife, and Robert Dobyns, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1762 Jun 15Evesbatch. Robert Harden, M.A.Robt. Dobyns Yate, of Bromsberrow, esq.Benj. Bevan.Death.
1771 Feb 21Evesbatch. Howell Price.Robt. Dobyns Yale, of Bromsberrow. [1]Robert Harden.Death.
1781 Jul 15Evesbatch. Hen. Georges Dobyns Yate, LL.B.Robt. Georges Dobyn Yate, of Bromsborrow Place. esq.Howell Price.Resignation.
1812 Dec 17Evesbatch. John Hughes, M.A. Edwd Bloxsome, of Dursley, Co. Glos., esq.Henry George Dobyns Yate.Death.
1837 Oct 12Evesbatch. Henry Bloxsome, M.A.Mary, countess of Berkeley. John Hughes.Death.
1873 Mar 8Evesbatch. Richd. Seddon, B.A. Himself. William Henry Bloxome. Resignation.
1884 Dec 4Evesbatch. Rich. Toller Seddon. Catherine Priscilla Seddon, widow.Richard Seddon.Death.
1887 Apr 1Evesbatch. James Hen. Brooks.Catherine Priscilla Seddon, of Hanbury, Co. Worc., widow.Richard Toller Seddon. Cession.
1895 Oct 16Evesbatch. Thos. Loch Bishopp, B.A.Joseph Hen. Brooks. clerk.James Henry Brooks.Resignation.
1900 Dec 20Evesbatch. John Anderson Dougherty.Thos. Loch Bishopp, clerk.Thomas Loch Bishopp. Resignation.
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