Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1316 Aug 24Ewithington.PRichard de Hamenasch, priest.The bishop.William de St. John.Death.
1324 Apr 25Ewithington.PThomas de Astley, clerk. [5]The bishop.Richard de Hamenasche.Death.
1349 Aug 31Ewithington.PEdmund de Grymesby.The king.Thos. de Astel.Death.
1395 Jun 11Ewithington.PJohn de Elnet.The bishop.  
1432 Dec 4Ewithington.PRobert Parfit.The bishop.John Hartylpole.Death.
1453 Mar 1Ewithington.PJohn Barbour, clerk.The bishop.John Caraunt.Resignation.
1455 Oct 29Ewythyngton.PJohn Parsons, chapl.The bishop.John Barbour.Death.
1466 Apr 2Ewythyngton.PMaster John Baily, the precentor.The bishop.John Persons. [4]Resignation.
1479 Sep 17Ewythington.PRichd Jaquessone, in dec. bac.The bishop.John Bayly.Death.
1545 Oct 3Ewithington.PWil. Chell, Bac. Mus.The bishop.Wiliam Buckmaster. Death.
1556 Apr 28Ewithington.PFrancis Baldwyn.William Chell, pro hac vice (racione advocacionis sibi una cum aliis concesse).   
1560 Feb 3Ewithington.PRoger Marbecke.The queen (racione vacacionis Episcopatus).  
1566 Jul 5Ewithington.PEd. Morcrofte.The bishop.Roger Merbeck. Resignation.
1580 Jul 10Ewithington.PJames Dennis.The bishop.   
1685 Mar 24E-Withington (East Withington).PMarcus Fothergill, M.A.The bishop.  
1692 Mar 25Ewithington.PBryan Turnor, B.D. The bishop.Marcus Fothergill.Death.
1711 Nov 27Ewithington.PJohn Davis, M.A.The bishop.Charles Whiting.Death.
1733 Apr 25Ewithington.PJohn Morse, M.A.The bishop.John Davies, D.D.Death.
1747 May 19Ewithington.PPhilip Brown, M.A. The bishop.John Davies, D.D.Death.
1765 Dec 31Ewithington.PThomas Hodgson, M.A.The bishop.Philip Browne.Resignation.
1786 May 6Ewithington.PJames Bullock, B.A. The bishop.Thomas Hodgson.Death.
1814 May 30Ewithington.PThos. Huntingford, M.A.The bishop.James Bullock.Death.
1817 Dec 17Ewithington.PHen. Hoskins, M.A. The bishop.Thomas Huntingford.Resignation.
1858 Dec 11Ewithington.PWilliam Parsons Hopton, M.A.The bishop.Henry Hoskins.Resignation.
1878 Aug 20Ewithington.PHen. Francis Bather, M.A.The bishop.William Parsons Hopton.Resignation.
1892 Feb 17Ewithington.PAlgernon Langston Oldham, M.A.The bishop.Henry Francis Bather.Cession.
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