Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1774 Aug 6Eyton.CThomas Williams.Governors of Lucton School.  
1799 Aug 20Eaton.CJonathan Williams, M.A.Governors of Lucton School.Thomas Williams.Death.
1829 Jan 30Eyton.CJosiah James, B.A.Governors of Lucton School.Jonathan Williams. Death.
1843 Dec 18Eyton.CCharles Dunne, B.A. Governors of Lucton School.Aaron Thomas. Death.
1851 Oct 1Eyton.CEdwd. Chas. Evans. Governors of Lucton School.Charles Dunne.Resignation.
1867 Nov 19Eyton.CBradford Robt. John Hawkins, B.A.Governors of Lucton School.Edward Charles Evans.Cession.
1875 Nov 19Eaton.CJames Joseph Hadyn Elorus.Governors of Lucton School.Bradford John Dawkins.Resignation.
1888 Jan 19Eyton.CJohn Arthur Price Jones, M.A.Governors of Lucton School.James Joseph Haydn Elorus. Resignation.
1890 Jan 21Eyton.CJohn Harvey Smith.Governors of Lucton School.John Arthur Price Jones.Resignation.
1893 Nov 25Eaton.CRichard Evans, M.A.Governors of Lucton School,John Harvey SmithResignation.
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