Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1764 Jul 16Ford.CThos. Amler, M.A. John Amler, esq.William Powell.Resignation.
1771 Jan 5Ford.CThomas Probert, B.A.Frances, lady Coningsby.Roger Simkinson.Death.
1793 Jul 1Ford.CThomas Clarke, M.A.Frances Amler. [3]Thomas Amler.Death.
1802 Apr 23Ford.CJohn Newling, B.A.Frances Amler, of King's Bromley, Co. Stafford, spinster, a minor.Thomas Clarke. Cession.
1802 Oct 12Ford.CJohn Taylor, M.A.George, earl of Essex. Thomas Probert.Death.
1811 Jun 18Ford.CJohn Evans, B.A.Frances Amler, of King's Bromley, Co. Stafford, spinster.John Newling. Cession.
1817 Jun 16Ford.CRobert Norgrave Pemberton, M.A.William Edwd.Tomline, esq.John Evans.Resignation.
1819 Jul 29Ford.CWilliam Hopkins.William Edward Tomline, esq.Thos. Norgrave Pemberton.Cession.
1834 Aug 28Ford.CBaldwin Francis Leighton.Will. Edwd. Tomline, of Rily Grove, co. Linc., esq.William Hopkins. Cession.
1848 Nov 23Ford.CJohn James Wason, M.A.George Tomline, of Riby Grove, Co. Linc., esq.Robert Lingen Burton. Resignation.
1852 Feb 27Ford (Salop).CEdwd. Muckleston, M.A.George Tomline, of Riby Grove, Co. Linc., esq.John Jas. Wason. Resignation.
1852 Mar 8Ford (by Leominster).CJas. Knowles Harrison.John Arwright, esq.Edward Charles Evans.Cession.
1857 Apr 21Ford.CJohn Price Jones.John Arkwright, esq.James Knowles Harrison.Resignation.
1860 Sep 13Ford (Salop).CWilliam Wingfield, B.A.John Naylor, of Leighton Hall. esq.Edward Muckleston.Resignation.
1863 Mar 6Ford (Salop).CChas. Parker, M.A. John Naylor, esq.William Wingfield.Cession.
1869 Jan 27Ford (Salop).VThos. Auden, M.A.John Naylor, of Leighton Hall. esq.Charles Parker. Resignation.
1879 Dec 5Ford.VJohn Lewis, M.A.John Naylor. esq.Thomas Auden.Cession.
1890 Oct 15Ford.VLeonard Hen. Evans, M.A.John Hungerford Arkwright, esq.John Price Jones.Death.
1893 Jan 30Ford.CArthur Hutchinson Lamb, M.A.John Hungerford Arkwright, esq.Leonard Henry Evans.Cession.
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