Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1762 Jul 10Garway.CJohn Davis, M.A.Sir Walter Abington Compton, bart. (with approbation of John Dalby, of Hurst, his guardian).  
1785 May 10Garway.CGeorge Smyth, M.A. Robt Berkeley, the guardian of Catherine and Jane Berkeley, infants.John Davis, D.D. Resignation.
1793 May 14Garway.CThomas Prosser, M.A.Robert Berkeley. [1]George Smyth.Death.
1821 Jul 6Garway.CHenry Prosser.William Kinnaird Jenkins, esq.Thomas Prosser.Resignation.
1877 Oct 14Garway.VJohn Jones, B.A.The queen, by lapse.Henry Prosser. Resignation.
1883 Jun 1Garway.VHenry Anderton.Archbishop of Canterbury, by lapse.John Jones.Resignation.
1884 Apr 29Garway.VJames Preston Richards. Sir Joseph Russell Bailey, bart., M.P.Henry Anderton.Resignation.
1891 Sep 12Garway.VHenry de Burgh Sidley, M.A.Sir Joseph Russell Bailey, bart.James Preston Richards.Death.
1894 Jun 26Garway.CPeter John Oliver Minos.Sir Joseph Russell Bailey, bart.Henry de Burgh Sidley.Deprivation.
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