Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1285 Mar 10Glazeley. John de Glazeley, subd.(not mentioned).  
1310 Jan 24Glazeley. William de Deuxhill, priest.The bishop.  
1321 Jan 20Glazeley. Nicholas de Glazeley, acolyte. Alan de Glazeley.  
1349 Jul 12Glazeley. Simon Dobyn.Alan, lord of Glazeley.  
1349 Dec 11Glazeley. Henry Warde of Tedestyle.Alan, lord of Glazeley.Symon Dobyn.Resignation.
1350 Sep 18Glazeley. Richard de Walkeslowe.Alan de Glazeley.  
1391 Feb 12Glazeley. Wm. de Walkesbache, chapl.Thos. de Glaseley.Richd. de Walkeslowe.Vacated.
1393 Jul 31Glaseley.   William de Wolkebache, rector of Glaseley.Resignation.
1393 Aug 3Glazeley (Glaseley). Thomas Kullum.Richard Leighton.William de Wolkebache, rector of Glaseley.Resignation.
1393 Dec 9Glazeley. John Dyncher, vicar of Felton, Hereford dioc.Richd. de Leyghton.Thomas Kollum, rector of Glazeley.Exchange.
1409 Jul 27Glazeley. Wm. Longefeld.John Wynnesbury, lord of Glazeley, son of Henry. [3]  
1513 May 29Glazeley. Humph. Burnell, deacon.The bishop, by lapse.Certo modo.Certo modo.
1538 May 7Glazeley and Deuxhill. Thomas Lawley.John Pakyntone, armiger. [3]Peter Gryffyth.Resignation.
1554 Aug 20Glazeley. James Morgan.John Litleton and Will. Scudamore, who had married Bridget and Ursula,daughters of Sir John Packington.  
1579 Jan 8Glaseley. James Alcock.Ed. Corbett.  
1713 Apr 1Glazeley and Deuxhill. Samuel Casson, M.A.Thomas Wyld, arm.George Walker.Death.
1798 Apr 16Glazeley, Deuxhill and Chetton, with chapel of Loton. Edward Davenport. Valentine Vicars, the elder. of Chesterton. gent. [1] Charles Edmund Wylde. Death.
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