Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1306 Aug 18Goodrich Castle. Matthew de Tibberton, priest.Dame Joan de Valence.  
1340 Sep 20Goodrich Castle.VWilliam de Poulton, rector of Bramdene, Winch. d. John de London, vicar of Goodrich Castle.Exchange.
1349 Jul 24Goodrich (Castrum Godrici).VNicholas Malemott.Sir Rd. Talebot, lord of Goodrich.  
1351 Jul 30Goodrich.VThomas de Blakeneye.Abbot and convent of Flanesford.  
1490 Mar 24Goodrich (Godrich Castell). John Gough.Prior and conv. of Monmouth, on Feb. 6.Wm. Hauyes.Death.
1542 May 22Goodrich. Lewis Williams.Executors of Robt. ap Howell.John Downe. Death.
1624 Jul 4Goodrich (Gotheridge).VThomas Swift, M.A.The bishop.   
1696 Jul 4Goodrich.VJohn Page, M.A.The bishop.William Tringham.Death.
1699 Jun 30Goodrich.VMartin Johnson, M.A.The bishop.John Page. Resignation.
1710 Apr 1Goodrich. Richard Langford, M.A.The bishop.Martin Johnson. Death.
1713 Jun 4Goodrich.VThomas Jones, M.A. The bishop.Richard Langford. Resignation.
1722 Nov 5Goodrich.VDaniel Wilson, M.A. The bishop.Thomas Jones. Death.
1743 Mar 8Goodrich.VHenry Dangerfield, B.A.The bishop.Daniel Wilson.Death.
1784 Feb 26Goodrich.VHarry Williams, M.A.The bishop.Henry Dangerfield.Death.
1829 Apr 21Goodrich.VHen. Chas. Morgan, M.A.The bishop.Harry Williams.Death.
1875 Sep 1Goodrich.VDouglas Seaton, M.A.The bishop.Henry Charles Morgan.Death.
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