Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1341 Jun 4Gorwall.PAdam Osger.The bishop.  
1390 Sep 25Gorwall.PJohn Prate.The bishop.  
1415 Apr 23Gorwall.PRobt. Feltone, clerk of the king's closet.The bishop.John Pratte.Death.
1433 May 1Gorwall.PThomas Mordon.The bishop.Robert Felton.Resignation.
1458 May 31Gorwall.PMaster Thomas Mannyng, the king's secretary.The bishop.Thos. Moredone.Death.
1459 May 22Gorwall.PMaster John Grene.The bishop.  
1463 Dec 4Gorwall.PHugh Ragon, canon.The bishop.John Grene.Resignation.
1475 Apr 6Gorwall.PJohn Pykyng, master in arts. [7]The bishop.Wm. de la Cova.Death.
1483 Sep 1Gorwall.PRichard Vaghan, in dec. bac.The bishop.  
1485 Dec 16Gorwall.PThos. Chaundeler.The bishop.Master John Vaughan.Death.
1490 Nov 2Gorwall.PJohn Nans, jur. utr. doct.The bishop.Master Thos. Chaundeler.Death.
1508 Sep 26Gorwall.PWm. Webbe, archdeacon of Shropshire.The bishop.John Nance.Death.
1508 Dec 31Gorwall.PHenry Martyn, in utriusque juris bac.The bishop.William Webbe, arch. of Shropshire.Resignation.
1512 Jun 16Gorwall.PHugh Pole, arcium mag.The bishop.Henry Martyn.Resignation.
1526 Sep 6Gorwall.PJohn Cragge, art. mag.The bishop.Hugh Pole. Vacated certo modo.
1560 Oct 9Gorwall.PJohn Josselyne.The bishop.   
1577 Jul 5Gorwall.PWill. Underwood.The queen, hac vice, by lapse.  
1577 Jul 25Gorwall.PJohn Gwilliam.The bishop.William Underwood.Resignation.
1578 Dec 17Gorwall.PWill. Storke, S.T.P. The bishop.   
1580 Feb 23Gorwall.PGodfrey Golsborowe. The bishop.William Storke.Resignation.
1616 Oct 10Gorwall.PThomas Denny, M.A.The bishop.  
1689 Oct 17Gorwall.PJohn Harding, M.A. The bishop.Walter Rogers.Death.
1736 Jan 17Gorwall.PPhilip Birt, M.A.The bishop.Last prebendary.Death.
1760 Oct 16Gorwall.PJames Birt, M.A.The bishop.Philip Birt.Resignation.
1801 Mar 23Gorwall.PMorgan Cove, LL.B. The bishop.James Birt.Death.
1830 Apr 24Gorwall and Overbury.PKyrle Ernle Money, B.A.The bishop.Morgan Cove. Death.
1847 Jun 21Gorwall and Overbury.PRichard Lane Freer, D.D.The bishop.Kyrle Ernle Money. Death.
1864 May 12Gorwall and Overbury.PHen. Wright Phillott, M.A.The bishop.Richard Lane Freer, D.D. Death.
1896 Dec 16Gorwall and Overbury.PHerbert Priestley Cronshaw, M.A.The bishop.Henry Wright Phillott. Death.
1897 Dec 22Gorwall and Overbury.PJohn Samuel Sidebotham, M.A.The bishop.Herbert Priestley CronShaw.Resignation.
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