Great Wollaston

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1864 Sep 15Great Woollaston.CFrederick Hardy Romington, B.A.George Fitzclarence Slade, as vicar of Alberbury.John Hen. Acton HarriesResignation.
1876 Mar 27Great Wollaston.CGeorge Moore, M.A. Josiah Mitchell, as vicar of Alberbury.William Watson English.Cession.
1879 Jan 21Great Wollaston.CReginald Hereford Bird, M.A.Josiah Mitchell, as vicar of Alberbury.George Moore.Resignation.
1885 Sep 15Great Wollaston.CMark Hen. Umbers, B.A.Josiah Mitchell, as vicar of Alberbury.Reginald Hereford Bird.Cession.
1890 Feb 21Great Wollaston.CHenry Edw. Taylor.Walter Lomer Barnes. as vicar of Alberbury.Mark Henry Umbers. Resignation.
1896 Mar 15Great Wollaston.CWill. Francis Lightfoot Harrison,M.A.John Philip Dalton, as vicar of Alberbury.Henry Edward Taylor.Resignation.
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