Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1307 Dec 11Greete. Nicholas Baker.Philip de Greet.  
1398 Apr 30Greete. Adam Gressell, vicar of Cardington. Philip Halgton, rector of Greete, Hereford dioc.Exchange.
1400 May 12Grete. William de Toong, of S. Cross in church of Foriete Monachorum, Lichfield dioc.Isabel de Ludlow.Adam Gresele, rector of Grete.Exchange.
1408 Mar 7Greete (Greote). Wm. Grilleshulle, chaplain.Fulk de Pembridge. [4]  
1412 Aug 7Greete (Greote). Richard Bentale, rector of the free chapel of Middleton.Isabella, widow of Sir Fulk de Pembridge, knt.William Grelleshulle.Exchange.
1422 Aug 2Grete. Thomas Fillesone, chaplain.Isabelle Pennebrugge.William Spurl.Resignation.
1425 Apr 30Grete. Edmund Forde. [1]Isabelle Penbrugge.Thos. Filson.Deprivation.
1428 May 14Grete. John Bewlegarde, chapl. [1]Isabelle Penbrug.Edmund Forde.Resignation.
1437 Apr 30Greete. Richard Grubbe.Isabella de Penbrugge.John Beaulegard.Death.
1460 Aug 11Greet (Grute). John Jevan, in decretis bac.William Lodlowe, armiger.  
1470 Jul 12Greete (Greote). Roger Ware.Thomas Lochard.John Verne.Resignation.
1471 Jan 24Greet. John Andrews, vicar of Birley.Thomas Lochard.Roger Ware, rector of Greet.Exchange.
1476 Jan 16Greete (Greote). John Glovere.Thom. Lochard.  
1480 Sep 24Greete (Greote). William Church.Thomas Lockord.John Barred.Resignation.
1488 Dec 22Greete. Robert Kent, sac. theol. prof.The bishop, by lapse.  
1509 Oct 18Greete (Greote). John Pratt. [2]John Lochard, geneosus, of Greete.William Hakkyng.Resignation.
1537 Apr 11Greete. Thomas Estoppe, Thomas Lochard, generosus.John Pratte.Resignation.
1562 Oct 24Greete. John Hollam.Henry ffoxe, gent.  
1669 Dec 15Greete. Thomas Kettleby.Cecilia Edwards, of Shrewsbury, widow.Thomas Griffiths.Death.
1711 Jun 27Greete. Richd. Morris, B.A. Thomas Edwards, arm.Thomas Kettleby.Death.
1714 Sep 30Greete. Edward Collins.Thomas Edwards, arm.Richard Morris.Resignation.
1721 Jun 5Greete. Thomas Edwards, M.A.Thomas Edwards, arm.Edward Collins.Death.
1756 May 5Greete. Thomas Edwards, B.A.Sir Henry Edwards, bart.Thomas Edwards.Death.
1760 Feb 11Greete. Francis Edwardes.Sir Hen. Edwardes, of Shrewsbury, bart.Thomas Edwardes.Resignation.
1768 Feb 18Greete. John Bishop Humphreys, M.A.Sir Thos. Edwards, bart.Francis Edwards.Death.
1786 Jul 17Greete. Thomas Eden.Sir Thos. Edwards, bart.John Bishop Humphreys.Death.
1790 Mar 2Greet. John Holland, M.A. Sir Thos. Edwards, bart.Thos. Eden."Void by the ___ of Thos. Eden".
1844 Dec 20Greet. Joseph Christopher Bradney, M.A.Thomas Hen. Hope, of Netley.John Holland.Resignation.
1865 Dec 24Greete. St. Leger Frederick Hone Edwards.The bishop, by lapse. Joseph Chris Bradney.Resignation.
1876 Jun 6Greete. Alfred Reginald Perring, M.A.Louisa Charlotte Hope Edwardes, widow.St. Leger Frederick Hope Edwardes.Resignation.
1883 May 11Greete. Thomas Pritchard White, M.A.Loisa Charlotte Hope Edwards, widow.Alfred Reg. Perring.Death.
1890 Aug 8Greete. Alfred Will. Johnson Keeley, B.A.Louisa Charlotte Hope Edwards, widow.Thomas Pritchard White.Resignation.
1892 Apr 29Greete. William Howard Badger, B.A.Louisa Charlotte Hope Edwards, widow.Alfred William Johnson Keeley.Resignation.
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