Grendon Bishop

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1767 Jun 18Grendon Bishop.CDigby Cotes, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Skyrme. Death.
1793 Aug 26Grendon Bishop.CJames Bullock, M.A. Daniel Price, M.A., Gabriel Tahourdin, M.A., and George Cope, M.A., clerks.Digby Coles. Death.
1814 Jul 31Grendon Bishop.CWalter Pateshall, M.A.George Cope, D.D., vicar of Bromyard.James Bullock. Death.
1833 Dec 19Grendon Bishop.CRichard Haddy Williams.Chas. Scott Luxmore, vicar of Bromyard. [1]James Bullock. Resignation.
1849 Oct 20Grendon Bishop.CJohn Chas. Napleton, B.A.William Cooke, as vicar of Bromyard.Richard Haddy Williams. Death.
1858 Aug 21Grendon Bishop.CWhitrnore Carr, M.A.John Palmer, as vicar of Bromyard.John Chas. Napleton. Cession.
1862 Apr 23Grendon Bishop.CMartin Hen. Ricketts, M.A.John Palmer, as vicar of Bromyard.Whitmore Carr.Non-residence, and disobedience to monition.
1874 Sep 21Grendon Bishop.VRobt. Bentley, B.A. Thos. Nash Stephenson, as vicar of Bromyard.Martin Henry Ricketts. Resignation.
1889 Oct 16Grendon Bishop.VJohn Martin, B.A.William Martin, as vicar of Bromyard.Robert ?Cession.
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