Grendon Warren

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1285 Jun 8Grendon Warren. William de Grendon, chapl. [10] The bishop.  
1318 Mar 18Grendon Warren (chapelry). William de Assche, acolyte.(not mentioned).  
1355 May 4Grendon Warren. Thomas Stotwyk, clerk.The bishop.  
1357 Aug 7Grendon Warren. Stephen Wynd, chaplain.Waryn de Grendon.  
1362 Jun 27Grendon Warren. John Nicholes.Warin de Grendone, lord of Grendon.Stephen Wynd.Resignation.
1395 Mar 27Grendon Warren. Jerome Kimber, chapl.Roger Parker.  
1691 Nov 24Grendon Warren. Lewis Thomas.The king and queen.Last rector.Death.
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