Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1339 Jun 11Habberley. Thomas le Wulf.Robert Corbet.  
1341 Oct 10Habberley. Walter Pride.Sir Robt. Corbet.  
1350 Jun 28Habberley chapel with cure. John le parent of Eccleshale.Joanna Corbet, lady of Habberley.  
1369 Aug 8Habberley. Thomas le Pleyleye.Sir Robt. Corbet, knt.  
1426 Jan 3Habberley chapel. Nicholas Chamburleyn, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.  
1437 Feb 15Habberley. John Normanton.John Burgh.  
1524 Jun 3Habberley. Roger Henkis.Richard Mytton, armiger.Richard Browne.Death.
1545 Aug 1Habberley. John Walker.William Gower, of Woodhall, Co. Worcester, arm. [1] John Blamyer.Death.
1678 Feb 13Habberley. Thomas Cooper.Rebecca Mittens, widow. John Cooper. Death.
1737 Jan 18Habberley. John Jones, B.A.John Milton, of Halston.Last incumbent.Death.
1744 Mar 2Habberley. John Lloyd, M.A.John Mytton, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1758 Sep 12Habberley. Thomas Mills, B.A. John Mytton, esq.John Lloyd.Death.
1798 Mar 30Habberley. Richard Foy, B.A.John Mytton, of Halston, esq.Thomas Mills.Death.
1802 Oct 8Habberley. John Dryden Piggott. John Mytton, of Halston, esq.Richard Foy.Resignation.
1845 May 13Habberley. Charles Orlando Kenyon, M.A.John Fox Fitz-giffard Mytton, of Halston, gent.John Dryden Pigott. Death.
1851 Feb 3Habberley. Richard White.William Hanbury Sparrow, of Penn, Co. Stafford, esq.Orlando Kenyon.Resignation.
1862 Aug 15Habberley. John Rogers, M.A.William Hanbury Sparrow. Richard White.Death.
1869 Jun 9Habberley. Thos. Baker Aston, M.A.Will. Mander Sparrow, of Penn Court, Co. Stafford, esq., and others.John Rogers. Cession.
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