Hampton Bishop

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1283 Oct 10Hampton Bishop. John de Swinfield, clerk.The bishop.Henry de Shoreham.Resignation.
1285 Oct 14Hampton Bishop. John de Swinfield, subd.The bishop.  
1287 Apr 12Hampton Bishop. Roger de Sevenake.The bishop.  
1288 Dec 20Hampton Bishop. Thomas de la Dane, deacon.The bishop.  
1302 Sep 2Hampton Bishop. Robert de Ilkesham, subd.The bishop.  
1313 Aug 26Hampton Bishop. Robert de Icklesham, priest.The bishop.  
1322 Aug 19Hampton Bishop. Giles de Hereford, clerk. [2]The bishop. Death.
1404 Feb 13Hampton Bishop. Richard Baker, vicar of Bromyard.The bishop.Thomas Hay,Exchange.
1405 Aug 26Hampton Bishop. Hugh Pontesbury, chaplain, vicar of Monkland.The bishop.Richard Baker.Exchange.
1405 Sep 7Hampton Bishop. Hugh de Pontesbury, vicar of Monkland.The bishop.Richard Bakere.Exchange.
1412 Dec 1Hampton Bishop. John Whittard, rector of Martley.The bishop.Hugh Pontesbury.Exchange.
1441 Sep 10Hampton Bishop. Robert Jordan, chaplain and seneschal.The bishop.  
1454 Oct 29Hampton Bishop. Master John Bayly.The bishop.Robert Jordan.Resignation.
1463 Dec 26Hampton Bishop. John Clone.The bishop.John Baily.Resignation on Dec 23.
1465 Jun 16Hampton Bishop. Hugh Ragone, rect. of Bishopston and Eton.The bishop.Master John Clone.Death.
1465 Sep 18Hampton Bishop. Hugh Ragoune.The bishop. [3]  
1466 Mar 27Hampton Bishop. Richard Jaxone, bach. in decretis.The bishop.Hugh Ragoun.Resignation.
1481 Mar 3Hampton Bishop.PJohn Burline, canon.The bishop.Robert Catesby.Resignation.
1524 Apr 16Hampton Bishop. William Wilbraham. The bishop.James Bromwyche.Death.
1580 Mar 26Hampton Bishop. William Penson.The bishop.   
1683 May 12Hampton Bishop. Ephraim Elcock, B.A.The bishop.Thomas Birth.Cession.
1698 Jun 21Hampton Bishop. Edw. Mason, B.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Death.
1739 Sep 11Hampton Bishop. William Lane, MA. The bishop.Edward Mason.Death.
1752 Jul 13Hampton Bishop. Thomas Russell, M.A.The bishop.William Lane.Death.
1757 Jun 18Hampton Bishop. Thomas Russell, M.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Cession.
1760 Jan 5Hampton Bishop. James Prise, M.A.The bishop.Robert Lloyd.Resignation.
1794 Jun 2Hampton Bishop. Williams Allen, D.D.The bishop.Thos. Russell.Cession.
1822 Jan 1Hampton Bishop. Henry Huntingford, LL.B.The bishop.John Geo. Hannington.Death.
1868 Feb 3Hampton Bishop. Henry Jas. William Stillingfleet, M.A.The bishop.Henry Huntingford.Death.
1887 Jun 29Hampton Bishop. Lionel Corbett, M.A. The bishop.Henry James William Stillingfleet. Death.
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