Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1317 Jul 21Hanwood (chapelry). William Fitzwilliam de Bikedon, acolyte.Reginald Hanwood.   
1350 Jun 8Hanwood. Thos. de Schelton.Matilda de Trumpeton, lady of Hanwood.  
1361 Feb 7Hanwood. Richd. de Prestone.Hugh le Warde.  
1467 Mar 3Hanwood. Matthew ap David.Thos. Mathurst, Robt. Foxe, and Joanna Cotene.  
1545 Jan 30Hanwood. David Coyde.William Coyde, of Shrewsbury.Jn. Hodges. Resignation.
1578 Dec 2Hanwood. David Meyrick.The bishop, by lapse.  
1698 Jun 29Hanwood. Thomas Markham, M.A.Henry Griffith Biggs, arm.Nehemiah Evans.Death.
1716 Aug 29Hanwood. John Cotton, M.A.Nicholas Gibbs, arm. Thomas Markham.Death.
1734 Nov 4Hanwood. Benjamin Wingfield, B.A.Lucy and Mary Biggs. Last incumbent.Resignation.
1763 Nov 1Hanwood. Thomas Parry, B.A. George Smith, of Nibley, Co. Glos., esq.Benj. Wingfield. Death.
1768 Jun 22Hanwood. Edward Harries, B.A.Geo. Smith, of Nibley, Co. Glos., esq.Thomas Parry. Resignation.
1782 Oct 30Hanwood. John Jones.Himself.Edward Harries. Resignation.
1793 May 1Hanwood. Geo. Holland, M.A. Samuel Holland, of Tenbury, gent.John Jones.Death.
1810 Jul 4Hanwood. Charles Gregory Wade, M.A.Hen. Diggory Waters, of Cruckmeole, esq.George Holland.Death.
1835 Aug 10Hanwood. Uriah Bidmead.Hen. Diggory Warter, of Cruckmeole, esq.Charles Gregory Wade.Death.
1849 Mar 19Hanwood. Edward Warter, M.A.Hen Diggory Warter, of Cruck Meole, esq.Uriah Bidmead. Death.
1852 Oct 9Hanwood. John Breese.Hen. Diggory Walter, of Crickmeole, esq.Edward Walter.Cession.
1887 Jan 11Hanwood. Lister Smith.Mary Jane, wife of Lister Smith.John Breese.Death.
1899 Apr 21Hanwood. James Chas. Chitty, M.A.Martin Henry De Grey Warter, Tatham esq., and William Henry Redknapp, clerk.Lister Smith.Resignation.
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