Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1854 Dec 6Hardwicke.CWilliam Timothy Napleton Stallard Penoyre, B.D.Frances Brodbelt Stallard Penoyre, widow. [1]  
1856 Dec 18Hardwick.CThomas William Webb, M.A.Frances Brodbelt Stallard Penoyre, widow (as above).William Timothy Napleton Stallard Penoyre.Death.
1885 Aug 29Hardwick.VJohn Arthur Jones, M.A.Thos. James Stallard Penoyre, esq.Thomas William Webb.Death.
1897 Nov 10Hardwicke.CArthur Paul Britton, M.A.Slade Raymond Baker Stallard Penoyre, clerk.John Arthur Jones. Resignation.
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