Hereford St James

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1870 Jan 26Hereford, St. James.VSutcliffe Partridge. Trustees. [5]  
1871 Apr 21Hereford, St. James.VRichd. Powell, M.A. Trustees.Joseph Sutcliffe Partridge.Death.
1882 Nov 26Hereford, St. James.VAlfred Grabbarn Gristock, M.A.Trustees.Richard Powell.Cession.
1887 Nov 24Hereford, St. James.VHenry Askwith, M.A. Trustees.Alfred Grabham Gristock.Cession.
1899 Nov 21Hereford, St. James.VArthur Swinton Weatherhead, M.A.Trustees.Henry Askwith.Cession.
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