Hereford St John Baptist

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1616 Apr 15Hereford, St. John Baptist (in navi ecclesie cathedralis Herefordensis). John Vaughan.The dean and chapter of Hereford.  
1680 Nov 13Hereford, St. John Baptist.VJohn Clerke, M.A.The dean of Hereford.William Peyton.Death.
1691 Jul 25Hereford, St. John Baptist.VThomas Gwillim, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.John Clerke. Cession.
1713 Sep 26Hereford, St. John Baptist.VWilliam Crowther, M.A. Thomas Gwillim. Cession.
1766 Apr 10Hereford, St. John Baptist. Joseph Guest, M.A. The dean and chapter of Hereford.William Crowther.Death.
1782 Dec 7Hereford, St. John Baptist. Richd. Underwood, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.Joseph Guest.Resignation.
1860 Apr 5Hereford, St. John Baptist. John Goss, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.John Hanbury.Death.
1877 Nov 30Hereford, St. John Baptist.VAlfred John Capel, B.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.John Goss. Death.
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