Hereford St Martin

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1616 Feb 20Hereford, St. Martin, cum cap. om. Sanctorum. Henry Garnons,The dean and chapter of Windsor.  
1723 Mar 27Hereford, St. Martin.VGeo. Phelps, M.A.The dean and canons of Windsor.Hugo Lewis, D.D.Death.
1857 Jun 5Hereford, St. Martin.VSt. Gen. Hen. Kirwood, M.A.The dean and canons of Windsor.Henry John Symonds, LL.D.Death.
1894 Jan 19Hereford, St. Martin.VNixon Chetwode Ram, M.A.The dean and canons of Windsor.George Henry Kirwood.Resignation.
1899 Oct 4Hereford, St. Martin.VEdward Curling, M.A.The dean and canons of Windsor.Nixon Chetwode Ram.Cession.
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