Hereford St Peter and St Owen

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1750 Sep 1Hereford, St. Peter and St. Owen. Paul Jermyn Foley, LL.B.Thomas Foley, esq.Robert Foley, M.A. Cession.
1759 Jun 6Hereford, St. Peter and St. Owen.VThomas Wickens, M.A.Thomas Foley, esq.Paul Jermyn Foley, LL.D. Death.
1760 May 24Hereford, St. Peter and St. Owen.VThomas Giles, B.A.Thomas Foley, esq.Thos. Wickins. Cession.
1768 Oct 7Hereford, St. Peter and St. Owen. Robert Foley, M.A. Thomas Foley, esq.Thomas Giles. Death.
1793 Aug 28Hereford, St. Peter and St. Owen.VRobert Foley, Jun., B.A.Hon. Edward Foley.Robert Foley, sen. Cession.
1794 Nov 17Hereford, St. Peter and St. Owen.VRobert Foley, sen., M.A.Hon. Edward Foley.Robert Foley, jun. Death.
1797 Jul 21Hereford, St. Peter and St. Owen.VJohn Freeman, M.A. Francis Freeman, of Frome Castle. esq.Robert Foley. Death.
1893 Dec 22Hereford, St. Peter and St. Owen.VWilliam Langston Benest Janvrin, M.A.Trustees.Alexander Roberts. Resignation.
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