Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1532 Feb 20Highley (Hygley).VThos. Rysshebury. Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.Thurstan Dale.Death.
1678 Jan 29Highley.VJohn Burton, M.A.Humfrey Grove, gen. Giles Rawlins. Death.
1720 May 10Highley.VJohn Higgs,William Higgs and Thomas Thomas. gen.John Burton. Death.
1738 May 16Highley.VRichard Higgs, B.A. John Higgs, clerk.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1756 Apr 30Highley.VJohn Fleming M.A.Sir Richard Acton, bart.Richard Higgs.Death.
1777 May 15Highley.VGeorge Nechell.John Fleming, D.D., clerk.John Fleming.Resignation.
1790 Jun 19Highley.VSamuel Burrows, M.A.Matthias Burrows, of Aldersley, Tettenhall, Co. Stafford, gent.George Netchell. Death.
1843 Aug 9Highley.VSamuel Du Pre, LL.D.John Perry, of Trystill, Co. Stafford, esq.Samuel Burrows.Resignation.
1876 Jul 13Highley.VRobt. Beavan Hull, M.A.Archdeacon Francis Henry Thicknesse.Samuel Du Pre.Resignation.
1877 Oct 11Highley.VThomas Crossfield, M.A.Archdeacon Francis Henry Thicknesse.Robert Bevan.Cession.
1885 Dec 2Highley.VEdward John Greenhough, B.A.Edward Greenhough, of Matlock, esq.Thomas Crossfield.Resignation.
1897 Mar 2Highley.VThomas Walter Gunton.William Joseph Pearman Smith. of Walsall, esq.Edw. John Greenhough. Resignation.
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