Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1290 May 14Hinton.PJohn de Shelvinge, priest.The bishop.Hugh de Musters.Vacated.
1291 Jan 8Hinton.PPoncius de Cors.The bishop.  
1295 Feb 3Hinton.PJohn de Bestane.The bishop.  
1297 Oct 14Hinton.PRichard de Swinfield.The bishop.Poncius de Cors.Vacated.
1299 Aug 4Hinton.PRoger de Canterbury, archd. of Salop.The bishop.Richard de Swinfield.Vacated.
1313 Nov 3Hinton.PStephen de Taneto, priest.The bishop.Thomas de Luggure.Death.
1335 Apr 24Hinton.PLawrence de St. Maur.The bishop.  
1353 Mar 3Hinton.PNich. de Kaerwent.The bishop.John Rees.Death.
1367 Mar 1Hinton.RWilliam Wolcombe. Simon Gardiner.Exchange.
1396 Sep 24Hinton.PReginald de Wolstone.The bishop.David ap Jake.Death.
1412 Sep 25Hinton.PMaster Edm. Lacy, sac. pag. prefessor.The bishop.John Bayley.Death.
1460 Mar 5Hinton.PJohn Clone.The bishop.Robert Dobbys.Resignation.
1465 Oct 5Hinton.PMaster Robert Dobbis.The bishop.John Clone.Death.
1476 Apr 21Hinton.PThomas Morton, utriusque juris bac.The bishop.Master Robt. Dobbis.Death.
1511 Jul 20Hinton.PHugh Pole.The bishop.Thos. Morton.Death.
1512 Jul 15Hinton.PJohn Olyver, alias Smythe.The bishop.Certo modo.Certo modo.
1563 Sep 2Hinton.PSilvanus Scorge.The bishop.   
1569 Sep 26Hinton.PWalter Bedell.The bishop.Sylvanus Scory.Resignation.
1677 Apr 30Hinton.PWilliam Watts, B.D.The bishop.Daniel Witcherley, D.D.Death.
1722 Oct 29Hinton.PJohn Hoadley, D.D. The bishop.Last prebendary.Death.
1727 Aug 7Hinton.PSamuel Croxall, M.A.The bishop.John Hoadley, D.D.Resignation.
1730 Jun 11Hinton.PJohn Griffiths, MA. The bishop.Samuel Croxall, D.D.Cession.
1745 Jun 21Hinton.PFrancis Wanley, M.A.The bishop.Last prebendary.Death.
1791 Aug 6Hinton.PHenry Ford, LL.D.The bishop.Francis Wanley, D.D.Death.
1813 Oct 9Hinton.PJames Garbett, M.A. The bishop.Henry Ford.Death.
1857 Nov 12Hinton.PHon. Geo. Herbert, M.A.The bishop.James Garbett.Death.
1870 Dec 26Hinton.PWill. Morgan Rowland, M.A.The bishop.Hon. George Herbert.Cession.
1897 Jun 8Hinton.PFrederick Burd, M.A.The bishop.William Morgan Rowland. Death.
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