Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1322 May 31Holgate.PR. de Ercalewe, priest, rector of Castle Frome. [7]Alina Burnell. Robert Chete.Death.
1349 Jun 6Holgate.PWm. de Herwynton, the official.The bishop.Wm. de Wiggeton.Death.
1349 Jul 24Holgate (Holgod).PWm. de Herwynton.The bishop.Richd. de Sydenhale.Death.
1349 Jul 24Holgate.PJohn de Hope, clerk.The bishop.Wm. de Herwynton.Resignation.
1351 Jul 3Holgate.PThomas Grene, dean of Fordham.The bishop.John de Hope, prebendary.Exchange.
1352 Jun 21Holgate.PThomas Grene.The bishop. Exchange.
1353 Oct 20Holgate.PThomas de TrillekThe bishop.Wm. de Hewyntone.Death.
1360 Apr 30Holgate.PNicholas de Powyk, chaplain.Dame Aline Burnel.John de Catteleye.Death.
1364 Apr 2Holgate.PJohn de Greyby. Philip de Lawleye.Exchange.
1364 Jul 14Holgate.PRoger de Otery.The bishop.Thomas Trillek. 
1386 Feb 4Holgate.PThomas Kynwyn, chaplain.Sir Hugh Burnell, lord of Holgate.  
1387 Oct 18Holgate.PJohn Nooke, clerk.The king. [1]Roger Otery. Death.
1391 Sep 15Holgot (Holgate).PJohn Hyde, chapl.Hugh de Burnell.Thos. Kenewyn.Vacated.
1403 Jan 7Holgot (Holgate).PThos. Mordeford. Wm. Sparke.Resignation.
1404 Mar 1Holgate. William Lochard, chaplain.The bishop.Lewis Whytton.Vacated.
1407 Nov 26Holgate (Holgot). John Ingayne, chaplain.The bishop.Thomas Mordeford.Resignation.
1411 Jul 24Holgate. Edmund, son of John Boerley of Bromcroft.Hugh Burnell, lord of Holgate and Weoleigh.John Onybury.Death.
1415 Nov 21Holgate. John Kelle.The bishop.William Lochard.Resignation.
1416 Jun 28Holgate. Thomas Yate.John Whytesyde, William Blont, clerks, Robert Molyntone, Rd. Foxe, John de Bablake, Wm. Ludham, Wm. Poynour, and Nich. Wylkys.Edmund Burley.Resignation.
1417 Jul 17Holgate. John Pritfoot.The bishop (from Southampton, 14th July).John Yngayne.Resignation.
1422 Oct 2Holgot.PRichard Aleyn. [1]John Talbot.  
1423 Nov 13Holgod.PWaller Estone.The bishop.  
1424 Sep 4Holgot.PGilbert Kyme, M.D.The bishop.Walter Eston.Resignation.
1429 Jul 12Holgot.PWm. Sheringtone.The bishop.Gilbert Kymer.Resignation.
1434 Jun 9Holgot.PJohn Mele, chapl.Sir John Radcliffe.Richard Aleyn.Resignation.
1466 Aug 12Holdgate.PWilliam Tagge.Sir Wm. Stanley and Joan, his wife. [2]Thomas Rigby.Resignation.
1485 Mar 1Holgate. Roger Clone, chapl.The bishop.Master John Vaghan.Resignation.
1513 Jul 11Holdgate. David Walker, in leg. bac.The bishop.Master Adams.Death.
1518 Apr 17Holdgate. Richard Roberts, in leg. bac.Thomas, duke of Norfolk, earl Marshall.  
1520 Sep 21Holdgate.PRichard Parkehurst, in art. mag.The bishop.David Walker.Resignation.
1523 May 20Holdgate. Andrew Bedstede, in art. mag.The bishop.Richard Parkehurst. Resignation.
1529 Jan 2Holdgate. Edward Strete.The bishop.Walter Blunt. [6]Resignation.
1549 Oct 31Holdgate. Maurice Monyngton.The bishop.Edward Strata.Death.
1550 Mar 4Holdgate. Robert Ventres.The bishop.Certo modo. Certo modo.
1554 Sep 18Holdgate. Richard Rusheton.Henry Cressette.  
1556 Jun 22Holdgate. Richard Normecotte.Hen. Cressette, arm.   
1670 Oct 25Holdgate. Richard Junnings, M.A.The bishop.Patrick Panter, S.T.P.Death.
1683 Nov 6Holdgate. Henry Warbrack, B.A.The bishop.Richard Immings.Death.
1704 May 15Holdgate. Stephen Lewis, B.A. The bishop.Henry Warbrack. Death.
1704 Nov 9Holdgate. William Daker, M.A. Edw. Cressett, arm.?Death.
1730 Feb 4Holdgate. Samuel Fowler, M.A.The bishop.Stephen Fowler.Death.
1748 Jun 1Holdgate. William Adams, M.A.Rev. Edw. Cressett, M.A., dean of Hereford.Thomas Hensleigh, M.A.Resignation.
1772 Mar 9Holdgate.VDaniel Price, M.A.The bishop.Samuel Fowler.Death.
1775 Nov 9Holdgate. James Pratchet,The bishop.Daniel Price.Resignation.
1789 Apr 11Holdgate. Thomas Goodinge, LL.D.Elizabeth Cressett, Upper Grosvenor Street, Co. Middlesex, spinster. William Adams, D.D.Death.
1802 Jun 25Holdgate. Joseph Plymley, M.A.The bishop.James Pratchett.Death.
1816 Aug 23Holdgate. Samuel Picart, B.D. Bishop of Worcester.Thomas Goodinge. Death.
1821 Mar 12Holdgate. Thomas Hill Lowe, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.Samuel Picart. Resignation.
1822 Apr 12Holdgate. Joseph Corbett, jun. The bishop.Last incumbent.Cession.
1823 Jul 10Holdgate. Joseph Corbett, jun., M.A.The bishop.Joseph Corbett.Cession.
1832 Nov 29Holdgate. William John Philpotts, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.Thomas Hill Lowe.Resignation.
1861 May 29Holdgate with Tugford. Henry Reeve Lay, B.A.The bishop.Joseph Corbett.Death.
1878 Sep 18Holdgate. Robert Evered Haymes, M.A.The bishop.Harry Reeve.Resignation.
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