Hope Bagot

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1289 Jun 15Hope Bagot. Roger Bagot. R. Bagot.  
1341 Jul 21Hope Bagot. Thos de la Hulle.   
1355 Nov 20Hope Bagot (Bagard). Roger de Bradeston.Wm. de la Hulle.  
1393 Sep 1Hope Bagot. John Wetemore.William Hulle.  
1397 May 25Hope Bagot. John Gotte, vicar of Llangadok, Llandaff dioc. John Whitemere, rector of Hope Bagot.Exchange.
1398 Dec 7Hope Bagot. Nicholas Fitz-Henry de Eytoun, vicar of Botley, Lichfield dioc. John Greete, rector of Hope Bagot.Exchange.
1406 May 16Hope Bagot (Bagard). Wm. Knyghtone, chaplain.Edmund Cornwayle and Joan, his wife, lord and lady of Hulle.Nicholas de Heytone.Resignation.
1414 May 10Hope Bagot (Bagart). John Drake, rector of Heyop.Edmund Cornewayle and Joan his wife.William Walkere.Exchange.
1430 Oct 4Hope Bagard. William Stevenes.The bishop, by lapse.Richd. Vaughan.Death.
1470 May 2Hope Bagot (Bagart). William Huchyn.The bishop, by lapse.  
1489 Sep 24Hope Bagot (Bagard). John Vaghan, arc. mag.Edward Hille.Wm. Huchyns.Death.
1524 Oct 23Hope Bagot (Bagard). Richard Wyndyll.John Hyll, generosus.Richard Page.Death.
1543 May 4Hope Bagot. John Porter.Thom. Hill of Hill, gen.Wil. Wyndell.Death.
1680 Dec 27Hope Bagot. John Taylor, B.A.Sir William Jones.Francis Jukes. Death.
1683 Oct 20Hope Bagot. Richard Hall.Eliza Jones, widow.John Taylor. Cession.
1691 Dec 18Hope Bagot. Ness Hill, M.A.John Robinson, arm. Richard Hall.Resignation.
1714 Oct 13Hope Bagot. Thomas Spilsbury, M.A.Will. Bradley, gen., and Will. Freggleton, gen.Nesse Hill. Death.
1718 Jul 23Hope Bagot commonly called Spilsbury. John Edwards, B. A. Hen. Newport, arm., Thomas lord Newport.Death.
1754 Mar 4Hope Bagot. Henry Butler, B.A. Diana, countess dowager of Montrath. John Edwards. Death.
1762 Jun 25Hope Bagot. William Smith, B.A. The bishop.Henry Butler.Death.
1762 Oct 18Hope Bagot. William Smith, B.A. William, earl of Bath, trustee of John Newport, esq., lunatic. Last incumbent.Resignation.
1791 May 7Hope Bagot. Thomas Crane Johnstone.William Pulteney, of Bath House, Piccadilly, esq.William Smith. Death.
1796 Dec 17Hope Bagot. Samuel Johnson.Sir William Pulteney. Thomas Crane.Resignation.
1798 Oct 10Hope Bagot. Lawrence Panting, M.A.Sir Will. Pulteney, of Shrewsbury Castle, bart.Samuel Johnson. Death.
1817 Apr 26Hope Bagot. Thomas Vaughan, M.A.Henry, earl of Darlington.Lawrence Panting Gardiner, D.D.Resignation.
1826 Jan 23Hope Bagot. George Ward, M.A. William Harry Vane, earl of Darlington.Thos. Vaughan.Cession.
1840 Aug 15Hope Bagot. David Jones.Duke of Cleveland.George Ward. Death.
1869 Jan 20Hope Baggott. Lionel Forbes Vane Smith de Steriz, B.A.Harry George, duke of Cleveland.David Jones. Death.
1881 Feb 23Hope Bagot. Ch. Butler Greatrex.Harry George, duke of Cleveland.Lionel Forbes Vane Smith de Heriz. Cession.
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