Hope Bowdler

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1275 Oct 3Hope Bowdler. Robert Stapeltone.Sir Eudo la Zouche.  
1275 Dec 22Hope Bowdler. Richard Paterake, subdeacon.Sir Eudo la Zuche.  
1278 Jul 15Hope Bowdler. Roger de Hengham.Eudo la Zouche.  
1279 Jan 23Hope Bowdler. William de Bodecote.Milicent de Montalt.  
1289 Sep 24Hope Bowdler. John de Cestria, subd.Dame Milicent de Montalt.  
1289 Dec 6Hope Bowdler. Richard de Bury, acol.Dame Milicent de Montalt.  
1303 Oct 18Hope Bowdler. Alexander de Bokenhale, acol. William de la Zouch.  
1349 Sep 3Hope Bowdler (Boulers). John de Beystan.Sir Wm. Zouch of Harringworth.  
1381 Dec 2Hope Bowdler.RHenry de Kylpsham, rector of the church of S. Mary Magdalene, Blatherwycke. John Marchaunt, rector of Hope Bowdler.Exchange.
1385 Apr 24Hope Bowdler. Simon Brown, clerk.Sir William de la Touche, knight, lord of Totneye.Richard Redde.Resignation.
1386 Jun 27Hope Bowdler.RRoger de Houndeslowe, rector of Candlesby.William Zouche, lord of Toteneys.Simon de Broune, rector of Hope Bowdler.Exchange.
1409 Apr 10Hope Bowdler. Thomas Chekvyll, chaplain.William, lord of la Zouch.Roger Hundeslowe. Death.
1422 Dec 12Hope Bowdler (Botilliers). John Whytmore, rector of Barton Balebys, in the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield. John Bulhard, rector of Hope Bowdler (botilliers).Exchange.
1466 Feb 28Hope Bowdler. John Boteler, chapl.Lord de la Zouche.  
1508 Jul 19Hope Bowdler. Maurice Rowland.John Souche, lord de la Souche. [6]Rich. Buttler.Resignation on May 8.
1523 May 20Hope Bowdler. John Massey.Sir John Zouche, knt., lord of Zouche and Seyntmawr.Maurice Reede. [2]Resignation.
1564 Mar 18Hope Bowdler. John Penson.Simon Kemsey, arm.  
1567 Oct 8Hope Bowdler. John Pryce, D.C.L. Simon Kemsey, arm.  
1569 Aug 5Hope Bowdler. Edward Threlkeld.Symon Kemsey, arm.  
1694 Apr 10Hope Bowdler. Solomon Tyler.Richard Davies, gen.Thomas Brampton. Death.
1699 Jun 15Hope Bowdler. Henry Newnham, B.A.William Newnham, gen.Solomon Tyler.Resignation.
1743 Jul 15Hope Bowdler. Thomas Pritchard, B.A.Richard Adney, a minor (by consent of Dorothy Adney, his mother and guardian).Last incumbent.Death.
1748 Mar 1Hope Bowdler. Richard Adney, B.A. Richard Adney, a minor (with consent of Dorothy Adney, his mother and guardian).Thomas Pritchard. Death.
1768 Mar 8Hope Bowdler. Thomas Warter, M.A.John Stanier, of Uppington, gent.Richard Adney.Death.
1771 Sep 21Hope Bowdler. John Stanier, B.A. John Stanier, of Uppington, gent.Thomas Warter.Resignation.
1806 Aug 9Hope Bowdler. Geo.Watkin Marsh, M.A.Chas. Price Stanier, of Shrewsbury, esq.John Stanier.Death.
1852 Aug 21Hope Bowdler. Geo. James Curtis, M.A.Moses Geo. Benson, esq.George Watkin Marsh.Death.
1860 Aug 15Hope Bowdler. Rion Geo. Benson.Moses Geo. Benson, of Lutwyche Hall, esq.George James Curtis. Cession.
1896 Jul 8Hope Bowdler. William Jellicorse, M.A.Ralph Beaumont Benson, esq.Riou [RL:sic] George Benson.Death.
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