Hope Sollers

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1331 Oct 4Hope Sollers. Wm. de Catteleye.Juliana de St. Owen.  
1349 Apr 1Hope Sollers. Thomas de Colne Rogeri.Sir William de Whytyntone.Wm. de Catteleye.Death.
1352 Apr 10Hope Sollers. Walter Douce.Sir William de Whytyntone. Exchange.
1357 Aug 16Hope Sollers. Thomas Pychard, chaplain.Sir William de Whytyntone.Walter Douce.Resignation.
1415 May 7Hope Sollers. Thomas Pery.Robt.Whittynton.Last rector. Death.
1420 Aug 8Hope Sollers. Philip ap Henry. Robert Whytyngtone, domicellus.Thomas Pery.Resignation.
1431 Jun 27Hope Solers. Roger Saxton, vicar of Dryffold, of Worcester diocese. Thomas Pery, rector of Hope Solers.Exchange.
1441 Aug 6Hope Sollers. Richard Mosse, chapl.John Throkmorton and others.  
1464 Nov 10Hope Solers. Wm. Tailour.Wm. Whityngtone, armiger.  
1475 Aug 19Hope Solers. Wm. Lewis, chapl.The bishop by lapse.  
1521 Jan 28Hope Sollers. Richard Wotton.The bishop, by lapse.Certo modo. Certo modo.
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