Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1290 Dec 10Hopton. John Gyrois, chapl.Sir Walter de Hopton.  
1334 Feb 18Hopton. Stephen de Clintone, clerk.Walter de Hoptone.  
1415 Jun 1Hopton free chapel (Inq). ??  
1415 Oct 11Hopton free chapel. David Drewe, chaplain.Thos. Neuport, vir venerabilis. [9]John Hoptone (also called Byketone).Resignation.
1436 Jan 26Hopton chapel. Richard Fowler, chapl.The precentor.David Caty.Death.
1448 Jun 11Hopton (in Clun). William Mattes, chapl.Thomas Hopson.John Veysyn.Resignation.
1464 Apr 28Hopton chapel in Cloneslonde. Roger Goodmon, chapl.Roger Corbette, lord of Moertone, and Elizabeth, his wife, in Shropshire.William Mattes.Resignation.
1465 Nov 27Hopton. Thomas Harrisone, chapl.Sir Roger Corbette, jure uxoris.Roger Goodmon.Resignation.
1473 Oct 15Hopton in Clonys londe. William Mattys.Sir William Stanley, knt., jure uxoris.Thomas Harryson.Resignation.
1479 Aug 14Hopton. John Lloyd, chapl.Sir Wm. Stanley, knt. [4]Wm. Mattis.Death.
1518 Jun 21Hopton,"in Clonnesland". Hugh Taylour.Elizabeth, widow of Sir Robert Corbet, knt.Thomas Longfelde. Death.
1533 Jun 9Hopton in Clunland. Richard Newporte. Roger Corbett, armiger.Hugh Morice.Death.
1542 May 25Hopton-in-Clun. Thomas Cherye.Anna, widow of Roger Corbett, arm.Richard Newport.Death.
1579 Jan 12Hopton. Thurstan Tyllston.Robt. Corbett, arm.  
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