Hopton Castle

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1687 Jan 24Hopton Castle. Theophilus Dorrington.Bartholomew Beale, gen.Richard Beale.Death.
1699 Mar 16Hopton Castle. Richard Hudson.Bartholomew Beale, arm.  
1729 Jul 4Hopton Castle. Richard Hudson, M.A.Thomas Beale, arm.Richard Hudson.Death.
1754 Oct 16Hopton Castle. Robert Pemberton, B.A.Thomas Pemberton, of Heath-house, esq.Richard Hudson. Death.
1778 Apr 6Hopton Castle. Herbert Oakeley, M.A.Thomas Beale, gent.Robert Pemberton.Death.
1812 May 18Hopton Castle. Geo. Dansey Pardoe, B.A.Thomas Beale, of Heath House, esq.Herbert Oakeley.Death.
1856 Aug 9Hopton Castle. Theodore Beale, B.A.Thos. Salwey Beale, of Gloucester College, Windsor.George Dansey Pardoe. Death.
1888 May 3Hopton Castle. Edward Daubeny Elton, B.A.Sir Edward Ripley, bart., and others.Theodore Beale.Death.
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