How Caple

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1278 Jul 22How Caple. William de Caple.His brother Walter, Knight.  
1285 Feb 21How Caple. Roger de Sevenake. [5]The bishop.  
1289 Sep 24How Caple. Walter de Caple, subd.Sir Robert de Plaicy.  
1330 Jan 9How Caple. John de Stanford, chaplain.The bishop, as guardian of John de How Caple.  
1352 Nov 7How (Hue) Caple. Richard le Parkere.John de Munstreworth. [1]John de Staunford.Exchange.
1362 Mar 30How (Hu) Caple. Wm. Reyner.Richard de Caple, lord of Caple.  
1388 Apr 17How Caple (Huche). John Hewetes, of Brockhampton.Richard, lord of How Caple.  
1396 Oct 17How Caple. John Hildersley, chapl.Wm. fitz Richard.  
1450 May 2How Caple (Capulle). Thomas Bayly, chapl.Thomas Capulle of How Caple.Richard Fulchere.Resignation.
1461 Sep 22How Caple (Capulle). John ap Howell, chapl.Thomas Bromwich, jun., and Richard Scudamore. [3]  
1473 Nov 8How Caple. William Vaghan. [1]Thos. Caple, armiger.Hugh Lloyd alias ap John.Resignation.
1483 Sep 19How Caple. Master David Clun.Thos. Capull, arm.William Vaghan.Resignation on Sept 3.
1486 Apr 24How Caple (Capull). Thomas Dryver, chapl.Thomas Capull.  
1527 Sep 2How (Hugh) Caple. Walter Hylle.William Caple, generosus.Thomas Dryver.Death.
1530 Jul 2How (Hugh) Caple. William Taylour,William Caple, generosus.Walter Hylle.Death.
1549 Nov 21How (Hughe) Capel. Giles Capeil, M.A.Margaret, widow of William Capell, of King's Capel, arm.Thomas Taylour. Death.
1678 Jan 2How Caple (Hugonis Capella). William Jones, M.A. William Gregory, serjeant-at-law. John Mayo. Death.
1694 Sep 17How Caple. John Evans.Sir William Gregory. William Jones.Resignation.
1697 Mar 8How Caple. Edw. Betham, M.A. William Gregory, arm.John Evans.Cession.
1715 Mar 23How Caple (Hugonis Capella). George Owen, B.A.Eliza Geers, widow, and Eliza Gregory, widow, guardians of Will. Gregory, arm., minor. Edward Betham.Death.
1720 Mar 12How Caple. James Clarke, M.A.William Gregory, arm.George Owen.Death.
1757 Feb 22How Caple and Sollershope. James Clerk, MA.William Gregory, of Hereford Last incumbent.Cession.
1773 Apr 28How Caple and Sollershope. John Holland, M.A. Will. Cope Gregory, of Woolhope, esq.James Clerk.Death.
1779 Aug 21How Caple and Sollershope. Benjamin Winston, M.A.Will. Cope Gregory, of Woolhope, esq.John Holland.Death.
1790 Sep 3How Caple and Sollershope. Benjamin Winston, M.A.Jane Gregory, of Woolhope, widow.Last incumbent.Cession.
1795 May 2How Caple and Sollershope. Edward Stillingfleet, M.A.Jane Gregory, of Woolhope, widow.Benj. Winston.Death.
1795 Oct 11How Caple and Sollershope. Henry Anthony Stillingfleet, M.A.Jane Gregory, of Woolhope, widow.Edward Stillingfleet.Death.
1846 Nov 20How Caple and Sollershope. Will. Fowler Holt, M.A.Edwd. Will. Wynne Pendarves, esq., M.P.Henry Anthony Stillingfleet.Death.
1850 Dec 10How Caple and Sollershope. John Norgrave Baker, B.A.Edw. Will. Wynne Pendarves, esq.William Fowler Holt.Resignation.
1884 Jul 5How Caple and Sollershope. Thomas Beville Paynter, B.A.John Norgrave Baker, clerk.John Norgrave Baker.Resignation.
1895 Nov 9How Caple and Sollershope. Frederick Hamilton Lovibond.Alfred Lovibond, of Bridgwater. Co. Somerset, esq.Thomas Beville Paynter.Resignation.
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