Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1278 Mar 15Hughley. Nicholas of Oxford, deacon.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1312 Dec 23Hughley. Philip de Lowe, deacon.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1328 Dec 23Hughley.VWalter Bras.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.John de Stapilton.Resignation.
1351 Feb 5Hughley.VWilliam de Londre.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.Walter de Bollynghope.Resignation.
1353 Jun 6Hughley free chapel. Philip de Leye.Reginald, lord of Hughley.Henry de Harleye.Death.
1369 Sep 10Hughley chapel. Thomas Gery, chaplain.Reginald, s. of Rich. de Leygh.  
1369 Dec 13Hughley.VWilliam de la Walle.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1380 Sep 26Hughley.VJohn Yonge, vicar of Dowles.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.William Walle, vicar of Hughley.Exchange.
1390 Nov 23Hughley.VRichard Odam, vicar of Stoke Milburgh, Hereford dioc.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.John Yong, vicar of Hughley.Exchange.
1391 Jan 6Hughley.VReginald de Hughley.Roger de Hughley.Wm. Hertwyk.Vacated.
1392 Nov 26Hughley.VJohn Palmer.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1397 Aug 29Hugley.VHugh David, Holmer, Hereford dioc. John Palmer, vicar of Hugley.Exchange.
1400 Feb 9Hughley.VRichard Goderich, rector of Mamble, Hereford dioc. John Harries, vicar of Hughley.Exchange.
1401 Aug 11Hughley.VJohn Harries.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1415 Oct 14Hughley (Huley) free chapel. John Crateford.John Fitzperes and Petronilla his wife.Walter Whytyngeslowe. [1]Resignation.
1421 Oct 18Hughley. John Ludeshelf, rector of Pencombe.Bishop of Lincoln.John Orlestone, rector of Hughley.Exchange.
1426 Sep 22Hughley. John Ingwardyn.John Gotacre.  
1430 Sep 12Hughley. Hugh Erlesgate, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.  
1453 Aug 8Hughley.VRichd. Marchalle, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.  
1468 Aug 19Hughley (Huly). William Yoppe.John Gathacre.  
1470 Jun 13Hughley.VWilliam Spencer, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.  
1484 Jul 1Hughley.VRobert Onwyn.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.William Spencere.Resignation.
1486 May 23Hughley.VRalph Grymshaw.The bishop, by lapse.William Spencere.Resignation.
1489 Oct 16Hughley.VThurstan Dale, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.  
1532 Oct 10Hughley. Roger Strynger.William Gatacre, armiger.John Smythe.Death.
1551 May 14Hughley. Thomas Thrustans. John Lyttleton, of ffrankeley, Co. Wor., arm.Thomas Ryshebury. Death.
1554 Aug 2Hughley. Thomas Osland.John Litleton, of Frankley, Co. Worc.   
1564 May 23Hughley. Roger Normecott.The bishop, by lapse.  
1575 Nov 18Hughley. Thomas Meele.William Gatacre, arm. [4]  
1580 Jun 25Hughley. Rich. Churchman.The bishop, by lapse.  
1681 Jun 17Hughley. Paul Broadhurst, B.A.John Woolrich, arm.John Cold. Death.
1686 Aug 12Hughley. Thomas Littleford, M.A.Arthur Weaver and William Warier, arm., guardians of Thom. Woolrych, a minor.Paul Broadhurst. Cession.
1708 Jul 13Hughley. James Littleford, B.A.Sir John Woolrych, bart.Thomas Littleford. Death.
1723 Jan 29Hughley. Henry Bowdler, B.A.Samuel Edwards, arm.Jacob Littleford.Death.
1745 Mar 5Hughley. William Corfield, M.A.Godolphin Edwards, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1777 Apr 27Hughley. Michael Pye Stephens.Sir Hen. Bridgeman, bart.William Corfield.Death.
1777 Sep 3Hughley. Mich. Pye Stephens. Sir Hen. Bridgeman, bart.[3]  
1804 Apr 17Hughley. Morgan Jones.Orlando, lord Bradford.Last incumbent.Cession.
1813 Mar 16Hughley. Morgan Walter Jones, B.DOrlando Bridgeman, lord Bradford.Morgan Jones.Resignation.
1826 Aug 2Hughley. Benjamin Howell.Geo. Augustus Fredk. Henry, earl of Bradford.Morgan Jones. Resignation.
1851 Jan 23Hughley. John Wakefield, M.A.Geo. Augustus Fred. Henry, earl of Bradford.Benjamin Howell. Death.
1888 Oct 23Hughley. Thos. Evans Minshull, M.A.Orlando Geo. Chas., earl of Bradford.John Wakefield.Death.
1894 Sep 1Hughley. Edward Collett, M.A.Orlando Geo.Charles, earl of Bradford,Thomas Evans Minshull.Death.
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