Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Nov 8Huntington.PPeter of Chester, Provost of Beverley.The bishop.  
1295 Aug 13Huntington.PJohn de Bestane, rector of Clyve. [6]The bishop.   
1304 Aug 31Huntington.PRobert de Gloucester, chancellor.The bishop.John de Bestane.Death.
1387 Jun 16Huntington.PJohn Cheyne, clerk.The king, on the vacancy of the See.Robert Wytcheford.Resignation.
1472 Apr 3Huntington.PRobt. Tarry, canon.The bishop.Richard Rudhale.Resignation.
1478 Jul 23Huntington.PRichard Pede, dean of Hereford, and prebendary of Moreton Magna.The bishop.Richard Marty, archdeacon of Hereford, prebendary of Huntington.Exchange.
1531 Jul 21Huntington.PThomas Parker.The bishop.John Woodrofe.Exchange.
1549 Feb 17Huntington. Thomas Carpenter, B.A.The bishop.Richard Benson. [1]Death.
1684 Mar 29Huntington. James Poole, M.A.The bishop.Jure vacant.De jure vacant.
1721 Feb 2Huntington.PRalph Brideoake, M.A.The bishop.James Poole.Death.
1743 May 22Huntington.PEdward Bentham, B.D.The bishop.Last prebendary.Death.
1776 Aug 9Huntington.PCharles Morgan, M.A.The bishop.Edward Bentham.Death.
1782 Jun 6Huntington.PHugh Morgan, M.A. The bishop.Charles Morgan.Resignation.
1809 Aug 29Huntington.PRichard Raikes, M.A.The bishop.Hugh Morgan, D.D.Death.
1823 Sep 13Huntington.PJohn Ellis Troughton, M.A.The bishop.Ricbard Raikes.Death.
1826 Aug 2Huntington.PHon. Henry Rodney, M.A.The bishop.John Ellis Troughton.Death.
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