Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1304 Apr 20Huntley. Ralph Hathewy, acol.John de Huntley.  
1310 Apr 11Huntley. William de Rostleye.John de Huntley.  
1328 May 18Huntley. Robt. de Coventry.Sir Robert de Sapy.  
1335 Mar 18Huntley. Philip Hanerd.Sir Robt. de Sapy.  
1336 Mar 18Huntley. Philip Havard.John de Sapy.  
1340 Aug 6Huntley. Walter de Winslowe (Wyneslawe).Alice de Sapy.  
1349 Oct 23Huntley. Symon de la Berwe.Sir Rich Talbot, lord of Honteleye.  
1350 Jul 17Huntley. John Cosyn of Byshampton.Sir Richd. Talbot.Sir Simon.Death.
1416 May 11Huntley. William Hert, rector or portioner of Llanwarne (Llanwaren).Prior and convent of Llanthony in Wales.William Broke.Exchange.
1423 Feb 27Huntley. John Belynburgh.John Talbot.William Brooke.Resignation.
1425 Nov 2Huntley. John Brewe, chapl.Sir John Talbot.John Heurison.Resignation.
1429 Nov 19Huntley. Stephen Bodenham, chapl.John Talbot.  
1440 Sep 27Huntley. John Martyn, chapl.John Talbot.Stephen Bodenham.Resignation.
1448 May 10Huntley. Thomas Mytton,chapl.John, earl of Shrewsbury.John Martyn.Death.
1477 Aug 19Huntley. Thos. Feld, chapl.William, lord of Hastings. [3]Thos. Went.Death.
1506 Jan 22Huntley. Thos. Syngleton.George Talbot, earl of Shrewsbury.Master Thos. Felde.Death.
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