Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Apr 13Inkberrow.PWilliam de Montfort.The bishop.William de Kingston.Death.
1277 May 11Inkberrow.PWilliam de Montfort.The bishop.  
1280 Aug 12Inkberrow.PPhilip, the nephew of Ardicio.The bishop.  
1294 Sep 21Inkberrow.PThe bishop.  William de Montfort.Death.
1319 Feb 15Inkberrow.PRichard de Vernon.The bishop.  
1344 Mar 14Inkberrow.PJohn de Lech, rector of Mapledurham with the chapelry of Petersfield. John de la Chambre, prebendary of Inkberrow. Exchange.
1389 Nov 20Inkberrow.PJohn Trevaion. The bishop. Wm. de Huntelowe.Vacated.
1395 Jul 8Inkberrow.PJohn Cresset.The bishop.Wm. Huntelowe.Vacated.
1397 Apr 11Inkberrow.PHugh Holbach.The bishop.John Cresset, prebendary of Inkberrow.Resignation.
1398 Dec 19Inkberrow.PJohn Holbach.The Crown (pro hac vice).  
1407 May 4Inkberrow.PThomas Staundone, canon and prebendary of Tymbrecombe, in the cathedral of Wells.The bishop.Hugh Holbache.Exchange.
1429 Jul 10Inkbarrow.PJohn Burdet.The bishop.Thos. Staunton.Death.
1467 Jan 1Inkberrow (Intbarowe).PRobert Geffrey, the chancellor.The bishop.John Stokes.Death.
1510 Aug 20Inkberrow.PRichard Smyth, dec. doc.The bishop.Steph. Surteis.Death.
1512 Jun 11Inkberrow.PMaster William Webbe, archd. of Hereford.The bishop. [1]Rich. Smythe.Cession.
1512 Oct 14Inkberrow.PMaster Hy. Martin.The bishop. [3]Certo modo.Certo modo.
1524 Jan 28Inkberrow alias Inteburgh.PJohn Bothe, archdeacon of Hereford.The bishop.Henry Martyn.Death.
1542 Aug 29Inkberrow.PRoland Taylor, D.C.L.The bishop.John Bowthe. Death.
1554 Jun 6Inkberrow.PRichard Cornwall.The bishop.   
1566 Apr 18Inkberrow.PJohn Blande, scolaris.Will. Blande, rac. adv. sibi concesse per rev. patrem, etc.   
1679 Jul 27Inkberrow.PDaniel Pilsworth, M.A.The bishop.John Harries.Death.
1694 Jun 7Inkberrow.PCharles Whiting, M.A.The bishop.  
1695 Nov 21Inkberrow.PHenry Knight, M.A. The bishop.Charles Whiting.Resignation.
1730 Jun 16Inkberrow.PRichard Chambers, M.A.The bishop.Henry Knight.Death.
1776 Jun 14Inkberrow.PWilliam Allen, D.D.The bishop.Richard ChambersDeath.
1809 Jan 5Inkberrow.PJohn Geo. Harmington, M.A.The bishop.William Allen, D.D.Death.
1815 Oct 5Inkberrow.PCharles Scott Luxmore, B.A. [2]The bishop.John Geo. Hannington, D.D.Death.
1854 Aug 24Inkberrow.PWilliam Hayward Cox, B.D.The bishop.Charles Scott Luxmore.Death.
1871 Aug 14Inkberrow.PJoseph Edwards, M.A.The bishop. William Hayward Cox.Death.
1886 Jul 1Inkberrow.PThomas Ayscough Smith, M.A.The bishop.Joseph Edwards.Death.
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