Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1767 Aug 28Jackfield.CJohn Holme.Francis Turner Blythe.   
1796 Jul 29Jackfield.CHenry Crump.William Gelverton Davenport. esq., and Jane Eliza Davenport. John Holme.Death.
1808 Mar 22Jackfield.CWilliam Bates, M.A. William Yelverton Davenport, esq.Henry Crump.Death.
1851 May 29Jackfield.CAndrew Burn, B.A.Francis Harries, of Cruckton Hall, esq.William Bates.Death.
1863 Jan 15Jackfield.CHenry Lee, M.A.Francis Harris of Cruckton Hall, esq.Andrew Burn.Resignation.
1878 Oct 14Jackfield. Edw. Lloyd Edwards, M.A.Geo. Fleming Lamb, rector of Broseley, for this turn. Henry Lee. Resignation.
1889 Dec 23Jackfield. Edward Hamilton Vernon.Charles Vanburgh Jenkins, esq.Edward Lloyd Edwards.Resignation.
1893 Mar 4Jackfield. John Marsden Edwards, M.A.Geo. Fleming Lamb, as rector of Broseley.Edward Hamilton Vernon.Cession.
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